Principal Desk

Mrs. Abhilasha Chitnis

Our School’s aim is to teach the children through love and encouragement. Our methodical planning and organized activities enhance the child’s knowledge and motivates him/her to think, imagine, explore, create and make the right choices. Also, we take efforts to make our tiny tots imbibe moral value by demonstrating our traditional and modern values and moulding them to be good human beings. Thus we cater to develop an all-round and well-grounded personality.

To quote is a poem;

Welcome to our school!!
Each day we learn and we have fun,
We’re like little flowers blooming one by one.
And when we’re grown we‘ll all be professionals by and far…
Each one of us shining as a star
For what we have in common is that we all belong
To the magic that is called
I.E.S.K.G - Bhandup



Spacious and DLP equipped classrooms

Bi-weekly music sessions

Children’s Library

Our Mission

Provide a caring and nurturing environment where kids come first. We believe in giving every child a holistic education that is beyond just academics to develop their character as unique children of the Divine, who will contribute in a meaningful and positive way to the community.


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Kanjur Co-op Hsg. Society,


Mumbai - 400 042


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