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Recitation Competition


Recitation competition was conducted in Primary section. Children recited their poems with Good matter, Intonation and expressions. First 3 prizes were announced. Judges judged the children on basis of matter, memory, Intonation and expressions.

Incharge congratulated the prize winners and told children to participate in all the activities and competitions.

Diwali Celebration


Diwali Celebration was held.. Teacher gave information about Diwali festival and its importance. Children various activities like decorating diyas, making greeting cards etc. Children performed dance for enjoyment. Diwali sweets like chakali, Shankarpali and Chivada was Distributed to the children.

The Incharge instructed children to enjoy their Diwali festival with lots of happiness and safety. She wished Happy Diwali to everyone.

Diwali Celebration


Diwali the festival of light was Celebrated in school. Teacher gave information on Diwali festival. Children decorated Diyas and made lanterns in the class.

Diwali sweets like chakali, chivada and Shankarpali was Distributed to children.
Happy Diwali to everyone.

Vaachan Prerna Din


Vaachan Prerna Din was Celebrated in KG section. Importance of this day was told to the children. Colourful books with Alphabets attracted the children very much.

Vaachan Prerna Din


On the occasion of Dr. A.P.J Kalam's birth anniversary Reading day was Celebrated in each class. All the children read the books they liked and importance of reading day and reading books were told to them.

Navratri Celebration


Goddess Durga and Goddess Saraswati were installed in school. Aartis were sung and Garba was played by all children. These 9 days importance of navratri was told to children. It was a very happy and festive environment.

Navratri Celebration


Saraswati Pooja was conducted in KG section. Aartis were sung. Children enjoyed playing Garba. A festive season for everyone.

Carrom Tournament


Carrom tournament was held by IES Sports centre. Dhanraj Patil and Aryan Ghanekar participated in it. Training was given to them by the teacher. Both the children experienced the game in competition

Gandhi Jayanti


Gandhi Jayanti was Celebrated in KG and primary school. Importance of Gandhi Jayanti was told by a teacher. Children presented a skit to inculcate the value of cleanliness. Speeches were given and song was sung by our small children. On this occasion we conducted Drawing and clay work Activities on cleanliness. Slogans such as swacch Bharat mast Bharat were given.

Teacher's Day Celebration


Teacher's Day was Celebrated in IES Charkop Campus on 14.09.2019. Mr. Suresh Thorat was the Chief Guest at this function. Chief Guest along with The School Campus Incharge and the two Incharges of English and Marathi Medium school garland the photo of Sarvapali Radhakrishnan. Information on Teacher's Day was given by teachers. The get together both teachers of all section together.

Ganesh Pujan


Ganesh Pujan done in IES Charkop Campus. Children were called in colourful dress Ganpati Aarti were sung and information was given by teachers on it.

Matru Din


Matru Din was conducted in KG and Primary school at IES Charkop. Children sang songs and gave speeches on mother. Chief guest was Principal of Marathi and English Medium secondary school Mrs. Seema Shetty and Marathi Medium Incharge Mrs. Snehal Ayre.Each madams gave good guidance to the Mothers who were invited for the function. Mothers were very excited and happy for this special occasion.

Gopal kala Celebration


Gopal kala Celebration was held on 24.08.219. Information was given on this festival. Children sang song and danced on song of Gopal kala.
Matki was broken by KG children. Children enjoyed this festival.

First Hand Experience of Microscope


Children were given first hand experience of microscope. Importance of microscope was told to children. How to use it was told by teacher and the tiny things which we see under a microscope was told to children. Children were handling it with themselves and saw the microorganisms in droplet of water.

Independence Day


Independence Day was held in Charkop Campus. 1st Rank holders of SSC exams were the Chief guest was this function. Various songs and speeches were given on this day.

Independence Day and Rakshabandhan


Independence Day and Rakshabandhan day was celebrated in IES Charkop Primary section. Children were colourful dress, information was given to children regarding both the festivals. Naral wadi was Distributed to children in occasion of Rakshabandhan festival.

Various activities like greetings card, collage work was held in classes. Children tied Rakhi to each other. Children gave speeches onIndependence day and Rakshabandhan.Its was an enjoyable day for the children.

Rakhi Making Competition


Rakhi making competition was conducted for KG section on 12-08-19. Children made creative rakhis in class under the guidance of the class teacher. Children were very engrossed in making rakhis. Creativity among these tiny tots was shown through this Activity.

Special Day


Special day was conducted in KG section of IES Charkop Kindergarten on Fruits, Vegetables and our community helpers. Children whole heartily participated with colourful props and gave information about their role they played. This Activity made the children confident. The teachers and the Incharge apprenticed the children with a lot of claps.

Maths Activity


Mathematics Activity was conducted in std 3 class. Children were told to bring ice cream sticks for doing addition without carrying over. The children were very excited for this creative lesson and enjoyed the experience of addition

EVS Activity of std 4


EVS I Activity was conducted on Water safe for drinking. Use of water and importance and the ways to save water was explained by teacher. The lesson was very interesting and kept the children attentive.

Maths Activity


Maths made interesting by the teachers. Children were made to bring Bindis packets and the concept of counting was made clear to them.

PTA Executive Members of 2019-2020


The office bearers of The PTA Executive Members of the academic year 2019-2020 was formed on 15th July 2019.

Mock drill of Disaster Management


Mock drill for Disaster management was taken in Primary school to make children aware of the disaster and how to be out of danger if u r caught in situstion like earthquake.

The children followed the instructions well and took steps accordingly.

Science and Mathematics Activities


Children enjoyed Science and Mathematics Activities in class along with their teacher.

International Yoga Day


International Yoga day Celebration held in IES English Medium KG school with proper guidance of teachers. Children felt happy to do Yoga and felt fresh.

International Yoga Day


Prime Minister, Narendra Modi led the World Day of Yoga celebration. Yoga day is being celebrated every year on 21st June since 2015.

Yoga is for health, harmony and peace. It's a remedy for illness of all kind. IES ENGLISH PRIMARY School Charkop and campus conducted the Yoga day on 21.06.2019 with full enthusiasm.

Painting Activity


Painting activity of Mini, Jr. & Sr. KG was taken on Thursday.

This activity helps the childrento develop mobility skills. There hand muscles are being used which allows them a scope to develop both mentally and physically. Children aquire hand eye co-ordination which is important skill in this age.

Benefit of this activity is that they learn about various colours.

Painting can be a significant part of children it's a overall development and upbringing.

Painting allows children an educational opportunity that is also fun and exciting.

My first step to school


Tiny tots , who have never been away from their home and parents come to school and their first step to school has been inscribed on paper.
Teacher's help to give beautiful memories of the children by doing their activity First step to school.

Welcome Ceremony


Welcome Ceremony at IES English Medium Campus was held on 17.06.2019.

The Campus Incharge and Secondary Primary, The Incharge of KG and primary school along with the staff welcomed all the students in school by showering rose petals on them and giving them a token of love in form of a book mark. Children were happy and were excited to come back to school.

Welcome Ceremony


Welcome Ceremony at IES English Medium Campus was held on 17.06.2019.

The Campus Incharge and Secondary Primary, The Incharge of KG and primary school along with the staff welcomed all the students in school by showering rose petals on them and giving them a token of love in form of a book mark. Children were happy and were excited to come back to school.