Our school is a place where 'We Nurture Talent and Ignite Minds'


Date of Event Subject
28.09.2017 Navaratri Festival Celebration



Navaratri Festival was celebrated by students in colourful dress. Garba was enjoyed by students from std I to IV on the big spacious open ground of school. Apple was the fruit of the day as Prasad.

04.09.2017 Cleanliness Drive






Swachhata Abhiyan – (Pandharvada) School encouraged Swachhata Abhiyan program (Pandharvada) of 15 days. Every day a new task was taken. PTAEC members were invited for cleanliness oath along with students and staff. Various activities were conducted. Prizes were given for the competitions.

23.08.2017 Ganapati Festival Celebration



Ganapati Festival Celebration was done. Students welcomed Bappa . They came to school in colourful dress. Ladoo was given to students as Prasad.

04.08.2017 Celebration of Rakshabandan


Celebration of Raksha Bandhan was done in school on 4th August 2017 . Rakhi was tied to every student and Naral- Vadi was given as sweet.

25.07.2017 School Fancy Dress Competition Std 2st


School Fancy Dress Competition Std 2 Was conducted on 25th July 2017.

21.07.2017 Green March - Std. 3st


Students spread awareness towards growing and caring for trees on 21st July 2017.

20.07.2017 School Fancy dress competition for std 1st


School Fancy dress competition for std 1st was conducted on 20th July 2017.

14.07.2017 School Handwriting Competition for std 1st to 4th


School Handwriting Competition for std 1st to 4th was conducted on 14th July 2017.

03.07.2017 Ashadhi Ekadashi Celebration



29.06.2017 MaRRS Word Master PVT.Ltd.


1. Aniruddha Satish - I A 2nd in pre school Bee science and 14th in Xpress Maths-Primary.

2. Yadnesh Musale stood 20th in Xpress Maths – Primary

Both the students from Eng. Med. Primary bagged certificate & trophy and are qualified for National Championship.

21.06.2017 Yoga Day 2017-2018


On 21st June 2017 International Yoga Day was celebrated in our campus. Students of English / Marathi Med. Primary and Marathi Med. Secondary participated. Introduction was given by Shri Sarvekar (P.T. Teacher) . Various asanas were performed like Vajrasana, Tadasana, Vrukshasana, Trikonasana.

07.04.2017 Ignited Mind Lab Mental Maths Competition 2016-2017

15.03.2017 Blessing Ceremony of Std. IV





On 15.03.2017 std IV Blessing Ceremony was conducted. Students performed different programmes and were given eatables.

6.03.2017 Co-Curricular Prize Distribution



Co-curricular Prize distribution was on 06.03.17. Students who bagged prizes in school competition and outside competitions were given prizes. Mrs. Vaishali Aknurkar mother of Poorva Aknurkar was the chief guest and gave away the prizes.

27.02.2017 Marathi Rajya Bhasha Divas



27.02.2017 was Marathi Rajya Bhasha Diwas, so we celebrated in the following way.

  • Smt Savita Rane gave the information and importance of this day on the Common Address System.
  • Smt Mekhala Joshi told a story in Marathi on the common address system.
  • Marathi handwariting competition was conducted.
  • In every classroom one child told a story in Marathi.

20.02.2017 Cub-Bulbul Camp







On 16th & 17th February overnight cubbulbul Camp was conducted in school. Different competition like Essay, Skipping, Musical Chair, Khajina Lootne was conducted on 16th and on 17th students were taken to see plants at pathare nursery Kalyan. Prizes were given to the prize winners.

26.01.2017 Republic Day







Republic Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Smt. Asmita Deshpande a renowned Kirtankar was the Chief Guest. Our Students participated in the parade. Students dressed as revolutionaries also participated in the parade.

16.01.2017 Apurva Science Exhibition



Apurva Science exhibition was conducted from 16.01.17 to 18.01.17. Children showed experiments on air, water, energy conservation etc. Smt. Rajini Mhaisalkar was the Chief Guest and inaugurated exhibition on 16.01.17. Parents and students visited the exhibition. Everyone appreciated the students explanation.

07.01.2017 Annual Sports 2016-17



Annual Sports was conducted from 02.01.17 to 06.01.17 one events of Std.IV was conducted on 02.01.17, Std.III on 03.01.17, Std.II on 04.01.17 and Std. I on 05.01.17. On 06.01.17 running event of all standards was conducted. Prize distribution too was conducted on this day. Teachers Sports was conducted filling water in the bottle with a spoon’ and prizes too were given to them.

26.12.2016 Christmas Celebration



Christmas was celebrated on 26.12.2016. Children came in colourful clothes. Santa Claus gave them sweets and cakes.

20.12.2016 Annual Gathering




Our school Annual Gathering took place on 16.12.2016 on the school ground. 233 students participated in various cultural programmes which was liked by all. Shri Pratik Bhosle (Film, Drama, TV serial actor) was our Chief Guest. The topic for this year’s e-magazine Horizon’16 was’ Festivals’.

17.11.2016 New project for 9XZakaas Channel



On 16.11.2016 Suyash Tilak Marathi actor had come to school for the shooting of a project for 9X Jhakaas channel. Our students participated in shoot.

26.10.2016 New project for 9XZakaas



5 students of Eng Med Pri, 4 students of Mar Med Pri and 2 students of KG section went for asong recording at a vile Parle studio on 26/10/2016. This was for a new project for 9xzakaas channel. It was a new experience for our tiny tots which they enjoyed.

26.10.2016 Diwali Celebration





Our students celebrated Diwali in school on 25/10/16. Children came in colourful clothes. They decorated the passages with flower rangolis. The doors of the classrooms were decorated with beautiful marigold torans. Children decorated the rangolis.

10.10.2016 Saraswati Puja




Children came in colourful dress for Saraswati Puja. The children offered 1 flower and 1 essence stick to the Goddess and they were given bananas as ‘Prasad’.

05.10.2016 IES Chess Competition


In IES Chess Competition our students Shalmali Durve IV-B and Aryan Nikam IV-D Stood 1st.

02.10.2016 Swatch Bharat Abhiyan



On 02.10.2016 all schools that come under CRC 6 Ayare participated in Swatch Bharat Abhiyan rally. Our students too participated carrying banners and shouting slogans.

26.09.2016 Teacher’s Day



Teacher’s Day falls on 5th September, as this day was during Ganpati Vacation teacher’s day was celebrated on 24.9.2016. The Cheif Guests were our Campus Class IV employees Shri Shyam Zemse, Shri Sunil Mestry and Smt. Radhabai Lashkar. After a motivational speech by our secondary HM Smt Rajani Mhaisalkar, all teachers participated in ‘Antakshari’. Everyone went home after a hearty meal.

26.09.2016 IES Carrom Competition


In the IES Carrom Competition Saloni Vilekar of IV E won 2nd prize.

03.09.2016 Ganesh Festival



Ganapati stapana was on 30.08.2016. Children came in colourful dress on 02.09.2016. ‘Ladoos’ were distributed as ‘Prasad’ after ‘darshan’.

22.07.2016 Green March




On 22nd July, 2016 like every year students of Std.III were told about the importance of growing plants. Students made banners and were ready with the sapling to be planted. The students went in a procession around the school vicinity. Children shouted slogans like ‘Save Trees’, “Each one grow one” , “ Trees are our best friends”, etc. A small effort was taken by CPV tiny tots to remind people about saving and growing trees. Later at the end school arranged a gardener who taught kids how to plant saplings in pots and how to take care of them. Let us all go green.

14.07.2016 Ashadi Ekadashi





Ashadi Ekadashi was celebrated in school. Information about this was given by teachers using Smart Board. Children dressed as ‘Varkaris’ went from class to class singing ‘Jai Hari Vithal,Vithal Vithal’. Then this ‘dindi’ visited the vithal mandir near our school. ‘ Sakhar Phutane was distributed to all as ‘Prasad’.

21.06.2016 Yoga Day






International Yoga day was celebrated in our campus. English Meduim Primary, Marathi Medium Primary and Marathi Medium Secondary students participated. Introduction was given by Shri Sarvekar (PT Teacher) warming up was taken first and then the asanas. Tadasan, Shashankasan vajrasan, Bhujangasan, Badpadmasan, etc. Were taken up.

16.06.2016 School Reopen Day


The school reopened on 15th June. The students were welcomed by ChotaBhim, Chutki,Doremon.Sweets too were distributed.

22.03.2016 World Water Day





Children were explained the importance of saving water. They took the pledge of saving water. Children of all sections holding placards, shouting slogans participated in a ‘Save Water’ procession.

17.03.2016 Co-curricular Prize Distribution





School competition prizes and students who bagged prizes in interschool competitions were given prizes. The chief guest was Mrs. Gauri Mahajan mother of Malay Mahajan who bagged the maximum prizes.

15.03.2016 Blessing Ceremony – Std. IV







Blessing Ceremony of Std. IV was Conducted on 15.03.2016. Std. IV students came in colourful attire. They performed dances, Sang songs, and some children played musical instruments.

24.02.2016 Apoorva Science Exhibition & Work Experiance Exhibition



11 experiment were shown by children and explained the scientific reason behind the occurrence. The experiments were based on sound, air pressure, aire occupies space, density, surface tension.

Student with help of parents and teachers prepared articles from clay –std. I, Coconut shells & paper fan- std. II, Match box & wall hanging cupboards. Mask out of paper dish – Std. III, Ice-cream sticks & Hand puppets-mask – Std.IV.
20.02.2016 Cub-Bulbul Camp


Cub- Bulbul overnight camp was conducted on 19.02.2016 and 20.02.2016.

Early morning after prayer children performed exercises. Then after exercises they went for ‘ Prabhat Feri ’. The flag was hoisted by the Headmistress, oath was taken and the scarf was put new children. Then two games Zig Zag running and Treasure Hunt competition was conducted. After lunch prizes were distributed by the Headmistress and by Smt. Sneha Athavale our former staff member.
19.02.2016 Cub-Bulbul Camp


Cub- Bulbul overnight camp was conducted on 19.02.2016 and 20.02.2016.

As soon as all children assembled prayer was said and children went to Khidkali Shiva Temple. After Coming back they had snacks. Then musical chairs and putting the balls in the bucket competition was conducted. After dinner the bon fire was hit and children took oath. Cultural programme was conducted.
04.02.2016 Winners of Dombivli Olympics

Students participated in Rotary Club Dombivli Olympics and won prizes in individual and group events.
27.01.2016 Republic Day

Republic Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. All campus schools participated in march past and cultural programmes. Miss Shreyasi Durve who stood 3rd in Thane district and 1st in school in the mss exam was the Chief Guest.
Annual Sports

Annual Sports was conducted from 04.01.16 to 07.01.16. Standard wise Sports was conducted Std III on 4th, Std I on 5th, Std. II 6th and Std. IV on 7th. Finals were conducted on 8th January. Running was common events for all standards. The second event for Std I was kangaroo jumps, Std II exchange of things, Std III langadi and Std.IV potato race. The Chief Guest was Shri. Vivek Mhatre who gave away the prizes.



Std. I & II picnic was conducted on 15.01.2016. They went to Pushkar Mela. Children enjoyed the different rides there.




Christmas was celebrated on 23.12.2015. Children came in colourful clothes. Santa Claus distributed sweets and cake to the students.

22/12/2015 Annual Gathering  


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Annual Gathering was conducted on Thursday 17.12.2015 on the school ground. Smt. Anuya Apte-Ahire veteran film, stage and TV serial artist was the Chief Guest. Students performed various programmes which were appreciated by all. The e- magazine Horizon 15 a compilation of students articles, poems was inaugurated by the Chief Guest. The theme of this years magazine was water.

27/11/2015 Sanvidhan Din  


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Sanvidhan Din or Constitution Day was celebrated on 26th of November. It was on this day in1949 that the constitution was framed Dr. B.R.Ambedkar was the archited of this. Using the common address system, all students were given information about the Constitution, Fundamental Duties and Fundamental Rights. As our students are small the class teachers explained in simple language. As there was a parents meeting, the parents too were informed by displaying on the Notice Board about the Constitution. The Stilt area of the school was decorated with rangolis.

05/11/2015 Diwali Celebration  


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Diwali was celebrated on 4th November. Children came in colourful attire. Children decorated their classroom, drew rangolis in front of their classrooms, offices. Diwali ‘faral’ packets were distributed. Children went home happily for the vacation.

20/10/2015 Saraswati Puja  


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Saraswati Puja was celebrated on 19/10/15. Children came in colourful dress. They prayed to Goddess Saraswati, offered flowers and incense stick. They played garba and received a pear as Prasad.

15/10/2015 Reading Day  


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On 15th October 2015, APJ Abdul Kalam's birth anniversary was celebrated as Reading Day. The following activities were conducted - 1) Malay Mahajan of IV Canna spoke about Dr Kalam on the common address systems. 2) Std. II students were asked to bring slogans on placards. They were taken in and about the school 3) Children were asked to read the story books in the class. .

14/10/2015 Picnic - Std.III  


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On 10th October 2015 std III Children went for a picnic to Yazoo Park. Children enjoyed the different rides. .

02/10/2015 Picnic std.IV  


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Students of std. IV went for an edutainment picnic to Dirghayu farms on 02.10.2015. They saw the Bhatsa dam and reservoir. They also saw different plants, oil extraction Machine, drip irrigation, Vermiculture etc. Childern played and enjoyed the picnic.

15/09/2015 Ganapati Festival  


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Ganapati Sthapana was on 14.09.2015 and children came in colourful dress on 15.09.2015. Ladoos were distributed as Prasad.

08/09/2015 Sree Kala Sanskar Drama Competition Winners  


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In the Sree Kala Sanskar Drama Competition our drama ‘Swatantraveer Savarkar ek Kranti Jyot’ won 3rd prize a trophy and cash prize of Rs.300. Malay Mahajan and Sreerang Bhave won best actor award and the drama also won a trophy for best music.

05/09/2015 Teachers Day  


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Teachers Day was celebrated in the campus on 5th September 2015. Songs on rain were sung and games were played by all campus teachers. There were three chief guest ie. Shri Suryakant Chalke, Smt Suman Khot and Smt Kesar Kholhe . Our class IV staff who are senior in age in their sections.

04/09/2015 Gopalkala  


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'Dahi Handi' celebrations were on 04.09.2015. Childern formed human pyramid and broke the 'Handi' singing and dancing to the tune of 'Govinda aa la re'.

28/08/2015 Raksha Bandhan  


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Raksha Bandhan was celebrated in 28.08.2015. Childern came in colourful clothes. Rakhis were tied on the wrists of the students and ' narali wadi' was distributed.

24/07/2015 Ashadi Ekadashi 


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Ashadi Ekadashi falls in the Hindu month of Ashadh. Pilgrims visit the temple of Vithoba and Rakumai at Pandharpur. These pilgrims are known as 'Varkaris'. They observe a fast and walk towards Pandharpur in 'Dindis' singing 'bhajans' and 'abhangs'. Ashadi Ekadashi was on 27.07.2015 but in school we celebrated on 24.07.2015. Children dressed as ' Varkaris' went from class to class singing 'Vithal Vithal Jai Hari Vithal'.

17/07/2015 Green March 


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Every year 'Green March' activity is conducted for standard III students. This activity was conducted on Friday 17.07.2015. Students prepared placards with different slogans like 'Grow More Plants', 'Each One Grow One'. etc. They also brought saplings from home. Holding the placards and the plants. They shouted the slogans, the students went in a procession in and around the vicinity of the school After coming back they planted the saplings in pots. This activity is conducted so that the students understand the importance of plants.

15/07/2015 Scholarship Winners std.IV 2014-15  


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Shreyasi Durve Stood 9th in state and 3rd at district level in the MSS exam.

07/04/2015 Winners of the Sanskriti Kala Darpan individual competitions


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Winners of the Sanskriti Kala Darpan individual competitions

07/04/2015 Winners and teacher with principal of Sambalpuri folk dance organized by KDMC Balmohotsav


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Winners and teacher with principal of Sambalpuri folk dance organized by KDMC Balmohotsav

07/04/2015 Winners with principal of staff Drama Competition organized by kala vikas mandal


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Winners with principal of staff Drama Competition organized by kala vikas mandal

07/04/2015 Merit holders of G.K.Olmpiad


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Merit holders of G.K.Olmpiad

07/04/2015 Winners and teacher with principal of group song competition organized by KDMC Balmohotsav


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Winners and teacher with principal of group song competition organized by KDMC Balmohotsav

07/04/2015 Winners and teachers with principal of Drama-Rama Shiva Govinda organized by KDMC Balmohotsav


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Winners and teachers with principal of Drama-Rama Shiva Govinda organized by KDMC Balmohotsav.

16/03/2015 Co-Curricular Prize Distribution  


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On 11.03.2015 co-curricular prize distribution took place Mrs. Sarita Shetty, mother of Ved Shetty was the Chief Guest who gave away the prizes. The prizes were given to students who have won inter and intra school competition.

16/02/2015 Cub Bulbul Camp  


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Cub Bulbul overnight camp was conducted on 13.02.2015 and 14.02.15. Many competitions were conducted like making articles out of ice-cream sticks, three begged race, exchanging the articles, picking the pea with straw. Flag hoisting Ceremony and prize distribution was conducted on 14.02.15. Children enjoyed a lot.

05/02/2015 Republic Day 2015  


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On 26th January Republic Day was celebrated. Siddhi Venkatesh was the Chief Guest as she stood first in school. Some of our students participated in marching as soldiers.

22/01/2015 Aryabhat Science Exhibition  


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Aryabhat Science Exhibition was conducted in our campus this year on 20.01.2015 and 21.01.2015. Our school students participated in this. Std.I project was on Agriculture, Std.II on Our Teeth, Std.III on Our Body and Std.IV on global warming.

16/01/2015 Picnic  


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Std. I Picnic was on 21.11.2014. Children went to Tiku-ji-ni-wadi at Thane. Children enjoyed the rides. Std.II picnic was on 04.12.2014. Children went to Paradise Fun land. Children enjoyed the different rides. Std. III and IV picnic went to Yazoo Park. It is an Anusement Park . It is an Anusement Park with different kinds of rides.

09/01/2015 Annual Sports  


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Annual Sports were conducted standard wise from Monday 05.01.2015 to 08.01.2015. On 09.01.15 the finals of all events of all standards were conducted. Mr. Suryawanshi PT teacher of Adarsh Vidyalaya was the Chief Guest. He gave away the sports prizes. Chocolates were distributed to all the students. Enthusiastic winners went home happily.

29/12/2014 Closing Ceremony of Silver Jubilee Year  


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On The Closing Ceremony of the Silver Jubilee Year was on Saturday 27.12.2014. Dr.Vishwas Mehendale was the Chief Guest and Dr. Pramod Pabrekar was the Guest of Honour 'Dances of India' was the theme. Souvenir ' Sterling Hue' was inaugurated by the Chief Guest.

22/12/2014 Annual Gathering  


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On Annual Gathering was conducted on Friday 19.12.2014. Smt. Madhavi Juvekar, film and tele serials actress was the Chief Guest. Students performed dance and drama.

31/12/2014 "Manik Sandhya" A Grand Musical Concert Saturday 10th Jan'2015

20/11/2014 Swachh bharat abhiyan


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On 20th November 2014, the teaching, non-teaching staff and PTA members of our school decided to clean the street surrounding our school. Mr.Kumawat and Mr.Rathod of KDMC too joined us in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

15/11/2014 Children's Day Celebration  


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Children's Day is celebrated every year on 14th November. This day is the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He is called 'Chacha Nehru' by the Children. A project on 'chacha Nehru' was put up and children were given information about him. Chocolates were distributed to students.

17/10/2014 Diwali Celebration  


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We celebrated Diwali on 17.10.2014. Children drew rangoli in front of their classes. They came in colourful dress & Diwali faral was distributed.

11/10/2014 Seminar on Effective Parenting  


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On Saturday 11th October 2014 a seminar on Effective Parenting was conducted by psychologist Mrs. Tanvi Singnurkar. Parents of Std. IV and teachers attended this seminar.

02/10/2014 Swatch Bharat Mission  


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On 2nd October Std IV, Cub bulbul students holding other students of the campus participated in PM's 'Swatch Bharat Mission'. Students along with placards went in a procession around the school promoting cleanliness. Our chairman Shri. Satish Nayak participated in this activity along with all principals, teaching and non teaching staff of the campus.

01/10/2014 Gandhi Jayanti & Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti  


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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2nd October. He was called Father of the nation or Bapu. He sacrificed his whole life for the country. Lad Bahadur Shatri was born on 2nd October. He too worked hard for the country. A project depicting both leaders life was displayed.

01/10/2014 Saraswati Puja  


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On 1st October Saraswati Puja was conducted. Children came in colourful clothes. Children offered a flower and essence stick to the goddess and received an apple as 'Prasad'.

22/09/2014 Workshop on oral Hygiene  


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On 19.09.2014 Dr. Pratik Narvekar and Dr. Anuja Narvekar, both dentists, past pupils of our school showed a PPT to the students of I to IV on how to take care of teeth, how to brush the teeth etc. A worksheet too was given to them to solve.

27/09/2014 Teacher Achievements  


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Our Cub Bulbul teachers Smt. Savita Rane and Shri. Gopal Sarvekar were felicitated on 26th Sept by Thane Bharat Scout & Guides for 20 years of sincere service by giving a medal and a certificate.

01/09/2014 Scholarship Winners Std. IV 2013-14  


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Siddhi Venkatesh Stood 1st in Thane District. 1st in IES Schools. 3rd in Maharashtra.

01/09/2014 Scholarship Winners Std. IV 2013-14  


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In Middle School Scholarship exam 46 students are in merit. Students with Chairman HM and teachers.

01/09/2014 Ganapati Festival


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Ganapati festival is an important festival in Maharashtra. The idol of Lord Ganesh was brought and installed in the school on 26/08/2014. We must love and respect our parents was the theme, children came in colourful dress and Ladoos were, distributed as 'Prasad' after the 'aarti'.

08/08/2014 Gokulashtami


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Gokulashtami is a Hindu festival. Gokulastami is celebrated all over India as the birthday of Lord Krishna. In school children make a human pyramid and break the 'Handi'. Children enjoy this festival.

08/08/2014 Rakshabandhan


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Shravan Pournima is celebrated as Rakshabandhan as well as Narali Pournima i.e. Coconut day. Rakshabandhan is the festival of brother & sister which strengthens the bond of love between them. Sister ties Rakhi on the wrist of brother and prays for his protection from all the evils. This festival was celebrated in the class. Girls tied rakhis on boys' wrists. Project was displayed and Naral Vadi was distributed to all the children.

01/08/2014 Nagpanchami

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This festival falls in the month of Shravan. We worship King Cobra. We celebrate this festival to express our gratitude towards snakes as they are considered as friends of the farmer. They eat the rats that spoil the crops. Thus they are helpful to us.

25/07/2014 Project - Green March:

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On 25th July std III Students had Green March. Students prepared slogans for Green March and bought sapling which were planted in the surrounding of the school. We took a big round around our school, saying slogans like Grow more trees, save trees, etc.

25/07/2014 Deep Puja

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AShadh Amavasya is also known as Deep Amavasya. On the day of 'Deep Puja' people clean and decorate their houses. They clean and decorate all the diyas and they put Rangoli around the table and keepall decorative diyas on the table. They lit the diyas and perform puja.

09/07/2014 Guru Poornima


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Guru Poornima is celebrated on full moon day in the month of Ashadha, as per the Hindu Calendar. The word 'Guru' is derived from two words, 'Gu' and 'Ru'. The Sanskrit root 'Gu' means darkness or ignorance. 'Ru' denotes the remover of that darkness. Therefore, one who removes darkness of our ignorance is a Guru. Guru poornima in honor of the great sage Vyasa who was born on this day. So, on this day we all should respect our teachers who are our gurus and take their valuable blessing.

08/07/2014 Asadhi Ekadashi

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Asadhi Ekadashi Falls in the month of Ashadh. Pilgrims known as 'Varkaris' begin their journey towards Pandharpur in 'Dindis'. They visit the Lord Vithal and Rukmini temple; They observe a fast on this day and sing ' bhajans' and abhangs.

Our students too dressed as 'Varkaris' go from class to class singing Vithal Vithal Jai HariVithal.

01/05/2014 Winners of Kala Vikas Prayer


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Winners of Kala Vikas Prayer Group Photo

01/05/2014 Kala Vikas Drama Winners


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Kala Vikas Drama Winners Group Photo

28/03/2014 Blessing Ceremony of Std IV


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On 26.03.2014 Std IV students came in colorful clothes. Entertainment programme and speeches were given by std IV students. Children were given snacks and ice-cream. All children enjoyed the day a lot.

13/03/2014 Prize Distribution



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Our Prize Distribution ceremony took place on 12th March 2014. Children who won prizes in school competitions and the outside competitions were given prizes so that the children were encouraged. All the prize winners were made to sit in stilt area. Our Chief guest was Mrs.Usha Venkatesh. Children were given prizes by our chief guest. Children enjoyed and encouraged their friends by applauding. The program ended with Vande Mataram..

24/02/2014 Students & Teachers who bagged 2nd prize in Sanskruti Kala Darpan and Nrityanjali Folk dance

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24/02/2014 Students who bagged prizes in individual competitions organized by Nrityanjali

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24/02/2014 Students of I & II and teacher who bagged 3rd prize in Nrityanjali western dance competition

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24/02/2014 Students of III & IV teacher who bagged 3rd prize in Nrityanjali western dance competition.

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24/02/2014 Camp Cub- Bulbul



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The school organized overnight camp for Std III and IV cub-Bulbul students. The first day started with assembly. Students prepared bhel. Competitions like rangoli for girls and mask making for boys were conducted. After the dinner camp fire and cultural programmes took place. The next day started at 6.00am with prayer, exercise and tea. At 9.00am Cub-bulbul students assembled for oath. New students were enrolled ground events like relay and treasure hunt were taken. fun games like putting a tail for the elephant and marking a bindi on a woman's face were enjoyed by all. After lunch prize distribution ceremony and madams speech ended the camp at 4.00pm . All the students were given gifts with snacks and tiffin boxes.

24/02/2014 Students &Teachers who bagged 3rd prize in Sanskriti Kala Darpan drama competition of III & IV

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19/02/2014 Shivjayanti Project

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A project based on Shivaji was displayed and children were explained about his life

15/02/2014 IES CPV Silver Jubilee





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Silver Jubilee of our school was celebrated on 15th February 2014 in a very grand manner. The school building was lit up by electric bulbs. Our Chief Guest was Mr Kedar Shinde (actor, writer,director). Mr Satish Nayak Trustee IES and Chairman IES CPV, Mr Shailendra Gharse Hon. Secretary & Jt.CEO, Mr Ramesh Rao GC member, Smt Jayanti Patkar Chairperson Patkar Trust and others graced the occasion. A short film on the school was shown followed by a Variety entertainment programme. It was an enjoyable and memorable evening which was enjoyed by all.

28/01/2014 Exhibition

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On 20.01.2014 students prepare articles from waste in the school. Std.I prepared collage & drawings, Std.II children prepared various beautiful articles from bottles & boxes, Std. III from ice-cream spoons, cups, Straus & Std.IV seeds, cloths & bangles. The exhibition was inaugurated by our chairman Shri. Satish Nayak on 28.01.2014 and it was open for parents on 28.01.2014 & 29.01.2014.

27/01/2014 Republic Day

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Republic day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Our students participated in the parade. They were clowns and gave the message that ‘Be Happy Always and Keep Smiling’. Our Std. IV students also gave a speech.

22/01/2014 Prize Winners of different competition of Sanskriti Kala Darpan

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13/01/2014 Picnic

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This year our students went for picnic to Tikuji-ni-wadi std. II went on 13.01.2014, std. III on 17.01.2014, std.IV on 24.01.2014 and std. I on 31.01.2014. The students enjoyed throughly on the different rides and saw the Dinosaur Park, Breakfast and Lunch was provided at the picnic spot.

Annual Sports


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Annual Sports were conducted from 06.01.14 to 10.01.14.

Every day one standard had sports. Running was a common event for all standards. The second event for Std I was kangaroo jumps, Std. II was catching the last bus, Std. III was potato race and Std. IV was langadi. The finals of all events of all standards along with prize distribution was conducted on 10.01.14. Shri Mahajan principal of Tilak school and senior PT teacher was the Chief Guest. Prizes were distributed by him to the prize winners. Sweets were distributed to all students.

24/12/2013 Christmas Celebration

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Christmas was celebrated on 24.12.2013. Children came in colorful dresses.

A Project was displayed and children were given delicious cake to eat. Santa Claus visited all the classes wishing students 'Merry Christmas' and children singing Jingle Bells. We enjoyed are Christmas celebration merrily.

23/12/2013 Annual Gathering

We celebrated our Annual gathering on 19th December.

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Our Chief Guest Mr. Bhalachandra Kadam, actor & comedian. Shri Manohar Lotlikar Vice President & CEO of IES and Mr. Satish Nayak, Chairman of our school were the honorable dignitaries. 2013-14 is the Silver jubilee year so a 3 tier cake was cut by our dignitaries.

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Our e-magazine was inaugurated.

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Scintillating programmes were performed by our primary students. We ended our programme by singing the Vande Mataram.


Smt. Vandana V. Nayak (HM)

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On 14.12.2013 Guru Gaurav Din was celebrated. Our Headmistress Smt. Vandana V. Nayak was awarded Dr. N.R. Tawde & Nalinibai Tawade Gold Medal for the Best Headmistress among all HM's IES Primary School for the year 2012-2013.

Smt Madhura Ghag (Teacher)

On 14.12.2013 Guru Gaurav Din our teacher Smt. Madhura Ghag bagged the first prize in article writing competition for Gurukul Magazine. She too was Felicilated.

25/10/2013 Diwali Celebration
09/10/2013 Winners of  IES Sports Centre

Winners of Chess & Table Tennis Competition.

09/10/2013 Navratri Celebration


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Goddess Durga was welcomed in our school premises by primary teachers on 5th Oct. which was Ghatasthapana. We performed aartis and offered Naivedya for nine days. We celebrated it with great pomp and enthuasium. Children came in colourful clothes on 11th Oct. They took 'Devi Darshan' by offering flowers. Bananas were distributed as Prasad to all the students. Children enjoyed by playing 'Dandiya'.

09/10/2013 Winners of Inter School Competition

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Winners of the South Indian Association Organized Competitions.

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Winners of the Patkar Trust Organized Competitions.

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Winners of the Nehru Science 'Ozone Day' Drawing Competitions.


Drawing Competition

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On 1st October Std. IV students participated in the drawing competition conducted by The Ministry of Power. This initiative is to make children realize that everyone should learn to save electricity. Two best entries were selected by secondary drawing teacher for the state level competition.

06/09/2013 Ganpati Festival:

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We celebrated Ganesh Chathurthi in our school. Idol of Ganeshji and Gauri was decorated. We performed artis and offered modaks and different kinds of sweets. Children were taken to worship God 'Ganesha' they offered flowers. Ladoos were distributed as prasad to all the students.

05/09/2013 Teacher's Day:

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We celebrated teacher's day with great pomp. Our chief guest for the programme was Mr. Adwait Padhye (Psychiatrist). We had a good Singing programme. The songs were sang by the teachers .

We enjoyed a lot. An effective speech was given by our chief guest. The programme was followed by lunch.

28/08/2013 Gokulashtami:

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We celebrated Gokulashtami with great joy by breaking ‘Handi’ in the school premises. Children danced merrily on the song ‘Govinda Ala re aala’. Children of std IVth made pyramids to break ‘Handi’. Everyone was enjoying and singing Govinda aala re aala with a smiling face. Project of Gokulashtami was displayed and importance of the day was announced. Ladoos were distributed to all.

19/08/2013 Narali Poornima:

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19/08/2013 Raksha Bandhan:

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Celebration of Raksha Bandhan was done in the class. Girls tied Rakhis to boys and coconut wadis were relished by all the students. Importance of Raksha Bandhan was announced by children of Std. IInd and project was displayed.

15/08/2013 Independence Day Celebration:

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Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. Our Chief Guest was Master. Aditya Prasanna Ranade who stood 8th in the State, 2nd in IES in the MSS exam. He hoisted the National Flag.

Our Student Miss. Siddhi Venkatesh and Master. Nachiket Apte compared the entire programme. Speeches were given by students of all sections. The tiny tots of KG sang a patriotic song. The programme ended with Vande Mataram.

08/08/2013 Project - Ramzan Id & Nagpanchami:

06/08/2013 Project - Deep Puja:

01/08/2013 Project - Lokmanya Tilak Punyatithi:

18/07/2013 Project - Ashadi Ekadashi:

31/06/2013 Events - Green March of Std. III:

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Our Green march was on 29th July, 2013. Children of Std. III had prepared banners of Slogans such as ‘Each one Grow one’, ‘Clean Dombivli Green Dombivli’, ‘Grow more Trees’, ‘Trees are our Friends’.

The main motto behind this activity is to inculcate values of healthy environment by going green by growing plants. This is one of the efforts to eradicate Global Warning. Children marched in and around our school saying the Slogans. Importance of growing more trees was explained to children of Std. III.