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Notice Board

Date Subject
03.11.2017 PTAEC Agenda
26.09.2017 Notice - Summative Exam Time Table 2017-18
25.09.2017 Notice 2017-18
13.09.2017 Kala Vikas Mandal Inter school (individual) competition- Result 2017-18
15.08.2017 Notice 2017-18
07.08.2017 Result of School and Inter school competitions- June and July -2017-18
28.07.2017 1st Formative Evaluation 2017-18
28.07.2017 Sanskruti Kala Darpan Competitions 2017-18
28.07.2017 Rakshabandhan Celebrations
19.07.2017 PTAEC Members 2017-18
17.07.2017 Various School Competition
17.07.2017 Cub Bulbul classes for Std 3rd & 4th
05.07.2017 PTA Notice
16.06.2017 Notice of the meeting of Parents - Teachers Association(PTA)
24.03.2017 II Summative Written Exam Timetable
16.03.2017 Change in Timing (SSC Exam)
04.02.2017 Result of School Marathi Handwriting Competition 2016-17
02.02.2017 SKD Competition Result
26.01.2017 Annexure I - P.T.A. E.C. Meeting 2017-18
20.01.2017 II Formative Written Exam Timetable
19.01.2017 Result of Mental Maths Competition
26.11.2016 Result of School Mono Acting Competition
23.11.2016 Result of School Fancy Dress Competition
26.10.2016 School Competition Result
07.10.2016 Nrityanjali Competition
26.09.2016 Summative Oral and Written Exam Timetable
17.09.2016 Result of the Elocution Competition
17.09.2016 Drawing Competition Result 2016-17
23.08.2016 Singing Competition 2016-17
05.08.2016 School Handwriting Competition 2016-17
11.07.2016 School Drawing Competition 2016-17
30.06.2016 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF PTA 2016-17 was formed on 30th June 2016.
24.06.2016 Sanskruti Kala Darpan Inter School Competition -2015-16
09.05.2016 Revise Update for Meeting of 2nd May 2016 with Parents
06.05.2016 Regarding Meeting of 2nd May 2016 with Parents
27.04.2016 Academic Performance Semester II - 2015-2016
30.03.2016 Summative Evaluation Time Table
21.01.2016 Formative Exam Time table
11/01/2016 Annual Sports Winners
23/12/2015 Result of Swachha Vidyalaya Swachha Maharashtra Competition  
05/11/2015 General Instruction Part -I  
05/11/2015 General Instruction Part -II  
03/11/2015 Result of the Collage and Lantern Making Competition  
14/10/2015 Summative Oral & Written Exam Time Table  
09/10/2015 Story Telling Competition  
09/10/2015 Greeting Card Competition  
29/07/2015 Result of the school Drawing Competition  
29/07/2015 Result of the school Handwriting Competition  
27/04/2015 General Instructions  
16/04/2015 Summer Vacation Homework 2015 (Std.IV)  
16/04/2015 Summer Vacation Homework 2015 (Std.II)  
06/04/2015 Summer Vacation homework 2015 (Std. III)  
06/04/2015 List of students who are in merit holder in G.K.Olympiad  
16/03/2015 Summative Exam Timetable  
11/10/2014 Programme for the month of November 2014  
17/10/2014 General Instructions  
01/10/2014 Result of Drawing Competition  
01/10/2014 Result of Story Telling Competition  
29/09/2014 Summative Written Exam Time Table  
01/09/2014 Programme for the month September 2014  
25/08/2014 School Recitation Competition Result  
13/08/2014 School Greeting Card Competition Result  
10/08/2014 School Handwriting Competition Results  
08/08/2014 Patkar Trust Competition Results  
01/08/2014 Programme for the Month of August 2014  
31/07/2014 Formative Exam Time Table  
01/07/2014 Programme for the month of July 2014  
16/06/2014 Programme for the month of June 2014  
30/04/2014 General Instruction
26/03/2014 Programme for the month of April 2014
19/03/2014 Summative Evaluation Time Table
19/03/2014 Drama- Eka Lagnachi Goshta
05/03/2014 Programme for the month of March 2014
04/03/2014 Change in time due to SSC Exam
04/02/2014 Programme for the month of February
24/01/2014 Formative Written Exam Time Table
02/01/2014 Programme List for the month of January 2014
03/12/2013 Programme for the month of December
21/11/2013 Trinity College London Examination Report
21/11/2013 School Competition Collage Wok & Lantern making Results
13/11/2013 School Reopen Date Changed
24/10/2013 General Instructions
24/10/2013 Diwali Home Work Std.1
09/10/2013 Summative Written Exam Time Table - Std. I & II

09/10/2013 Summative Written Exam Time Table - Std. III & IV

03/10/2013 Drawing Competition Results Std. I
Name Std./Division Rank
Paras Nilesh Patil ID 1st
Aniruddha Vijay Shrawagi IE 2nd
Sara Sameer Mhatre IC 3rd
Drawing Competition Results Std. II
Name Std./Division Rank
Kavya Jigar Dedhia IIA 1st
Palak Deepak Agarwal IIA 2nd
Shruti Santosh More IIC 3rd
Drawing Competition Results Std. III    
Name Std./Division Rank
Adwait Avdhut Joshi IIIB 1st
Sanika Sanjay Attarde IIIA 2nd
Sanika Mandar Gore IIIB 3rd
Drawing Competition Results Std. IV    
Name Std./Division Rank
Yashodhan Vinay Vichare IVE 1st
Pradyuumna Milind Panchal IVD 2nd
Riddhi Narendra Jangale IVB 3rd
30/09/2013 Greeting Card Competition - Std. I
Name Div. Rank
Adsule Charvee I Aster 1st
Desai Aadya I Aster 2nd
Shinde Swaroop I Eichhornia 3rd
Greeting Card Competition - Std. II
Name Div. Rank
Kudtarkar Shreyas II Canna 1st
Mejari Omkar II Canna 2nd
Ware Rudrani II Eichhornia 3rd
Greeting Card Competition - Std. III
Name Div. Rank
Patil Anshul III Daffodil 1st
Kulkarni Revati III Canna 2nd
Ursekar Avani III Eichhornia 3rd
Greeting Card Competition - Std. IV
Name Div. Rank
Punekar Shantana IV Daffodil 1st
Panchal Pradyumna IV Daffodil 2nd
Vichare Yashodhan IV Eichhornia 3rd
30/09/2013 Handwriting Competition - Std. I
Name Div. Rank
Sawant Vedant I Eichhornia 1st
Lawhale Vaishnavi I Canna 2nd
Asolkar Soham I Aster 3rd
Handwriting Competition - Std. II
Name Div. Rank
Waje Manasi II Eichhornia 1st
Jeste Ketaki II Balsam 2nd
Chavan Vishwam II Aster 3rd
Handwriting Competition - Std. III
Name Div. Rank
Gore Sanika III Balsam 1st
Shrinivas Meet III Aster 2nd
Moharir Ameya III Canna 3rd
Handwriting Competition - Std. IV
Name Div. Rank
Jangale Riddhi IV Balsam 1st
Koli Suhani IV Canna 2nd
Deshmane Janvi IV Aster 3rd
30/09/2013 Story Telling Competition - Std. I
Name Div. Rank
Shetty Atharva I Eichhornia 1st
Samant sara I Eichhornia 2nd
Patil Avadhoot I Daffodils 3rd
Story Telling Competition - Std. II
Name Div. Rank
Zope Ishant II Eichhornia 1st
Jeste Ketaki II Balsam 2nd
Prabhu Sanika II Daffodils 3rd
Story Telling Competition - Std. III
Name Div. Rank
Kshirsagar Kanishka III Canna 1st
Sathe Harsh III Eichhornia 2nd
Adam Meet III Aster 3rd
Story Telling Competition - Std. IV
Name Div. Rank
Siddhi Vekatesh IV Eichhornia 1st
Akshita Jeevarajan IV Aster 2nd
Apte Nachiket IV Aster 3rd

Program For The Month Of October

02.10.13 - Gandhi Jayanti
04.10.13 - Sarvapitri Amavasya
16.10.13 - Bakri Id

Half Days
25.10.13 - Month End

14.10.13 - Collage [I & II] Lantern making [III & IV]

11.10.13 - Saraswati Puja
25.10.13 - Diwali

Summative evaluation
15.10.13 to 24.10.13

31/08/2013 Programme for the Month of September

05.09.2013 – Teacher’s Day.
09.09.2013 to 13.09.2013 – Ganapati Holidays.

Half Day
02.09.2013 – Shravan Monday
04.09.2013 – Pithori Amavasya

17.09.2013 – Story Telling first round
20.09.2013 - Story Telling Final round

04.09.2013 – Pola
06.09.2013 – Ganapati

06.09.2013 - Ganapati Festival


09/08/2013, Friday - Ramzan Id
15/08/2013, Thursday - Independence Day
20/08/2013, Tuesday - Raksha Bandhan
29/08/2013, Thursday - Gopal Kala

Half Day
12/08/2013, Monday - Shravan Monday
19/08/2013, Monday - Shravan Monday
26/08/2013, Monday - Shravan Monday
30/08/2013, Friday - Month End

01/08/2013, Thursday - Lokmanya Tilak Punyatithi
06/08/2013, Tuesday - Deep Pooja
08/08/2013, Thursday - Ramzan Id & Nag Panchami
14/08/2013, Wednesday - Independence Day
16/08/2013, Friday - Pateti
19/08/2013, Monday - Raksha Bandhan
28/08/2013, Wednesday - Gopal Kala

Formative Evaluations
06/08/2013, Tuesday to 14/08/2013, Wednesday

31/08/2013, - Scholarship Monthly Test

23/08/2013, Friday - Drawing

(change if any will be communicated)

17/06/2013 Scholarship Winner Std. IV of 2012-13 (Click for photo)

In the Middle School Scholarship Exam. 2013, 32 Students are Merit holders. Aditya Prasanna Rande stood 8th in the State.

17/06/2013 Holiday List for the year 2013-14
Date Day Festival
19.07.13 Friday  Ashadi Ekadashi
09.08.13 Friday Ramzan Id
06.08.13 Tuesday Pithori Amavasya
15.08.13 Thursday Independence Day
20.08.13 Tuesday Raksha Bandhan
29.08.13 Thursday Gopalkala
09.09.13 to
Monday to
02.10.13 Wednesday Mahatma Gandhi & Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti
04.10.13 Friday Sarvapitri Amavasya
16.10.13 Wednesday Bakri Id
28.10.13 to
Tuesday to
Diwali Vacation
06.12.13 Friday Ambedkar Punyatithi
16.11.13 Monday Datta Jayanti
14.11.13 Wednesday Christmas
17/06/2013 Shravan Monday

Half day: 12.8.13, 19.8.13, 26.8.13, 2.9.13

14/06/2013 General Instructions
14/06/2013 School re-opens:

School will re-open on 17th June and not on 14th June as declared earlier.

09/05/2013 General Instructions
15/04/2013 The Result of std I to IV

The Result of std I to IV will be declared on the 7th May 2013
The timing is as follows
For Std. I & II - 11.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
III - 12 .30 p.m. to 1.30 p.m.
IV - 12.30 p.m. onwards as given by class teacher

05/04/2013 PTA Meeting:

On 15.04.2013 at 3.00 p.m.

05/04/2013 Open Day:

On 15.04.2013 at 4.30 p.m.

14/03/2013 Blessing Ceremony
13/03/2013 Exam Time Table
01/03/2013 Kala Vikas Prize Distribution:

On 27th February Kala Vikas Prize distribution was organised at B. N. Vaidya Hall, Dadar. Shri Prasad Limaye (Actor), Ms. Renuka Joshi and Ms. Gadkari Presided over the function. In the beginning cultural programmes by the students of different schools were presented . Then the honorable guests gave the prizes of the students of Lalit Kala Mahotsav & Interschool Competitions. It was indeed a grand function.

Few Achievements:

Our school principal Mrs. Vandana Nayak along with Mr. Dhatrak of Marathi Medium Primary Section jointly won a rotating trophy for getting maximum prizes.

One teacher Smt. Mekhala Joshi won 2nd prize for writing the drama, ‘Mulani Kela Samp’.

Our teacher Smt. Nirmala Gore read out the names of the prize winners.

One student Master Harsh Sathe won prize for ‘Best Solo’ and Miss Surabhi Kannav won 1st prize in Collage Competition.

26/02/2013 Cub Bulbul Camp: (See Photos in Photo Gallery)

Cub Bulbul Camp was arranged on 22nd and 23rd February. 76 Students participated.

On 22nd i.e. Friday night Essay writing and Clay moulding competitions were conducted. After dinner, cultural program were presented by children. We had a Campfire at night.

Next day morning, there was a flag hoisting Ceremony and Oath was taken by Cub Bulbul children. Later on Langadi and Picking peas with a straw competition was conducted. After Lunch Prize distribution was organised. Children got prizes and gifts. All children enjoyed and learnt values like being independent, cleanliness and living together amicably.


The Cub Bulbul overnight camp will be conducted on 22.2.13 & 23.2.13

22/01/2013 Picnic: (See Photos in Photo Gallery)

Picnic is an essential activity of school. This year Std.II & IV Picnic was arranged on 4th January at Vardhaman Fantacy at Mira Road, where children enjoyed different rides, they saw seven wonders of the world and also a ghost house. Std.I & III Picnic was arranged on 18th January at Tikujini-wadi at Thane. Children enjoyed various rides there and had a lot of fun.

17/01/2013 Std I and std III picnic spot has been changed:

Std I and std III picnic spot has been changed.

The children will now be going to Tikkuji-ni-wadi instead of Vardhaman fantasy.

17/01/2013 Formative timetable will be as follows:

28th Jan -

29th Jan -

30th Jan -

31st Jan -

1st Feb -

4th Feb -

5th Feb -

6th Feb -

7th Feb -

8th Feb -

Grammar & Englsh Orals
PT & Music to Start

English & English Orals

Maths & Maths Orals

EVS/Science & Maths Orals

Marathi & EVS /Science Orals

SS & EVS / Science Orals

Std I & II Marathi orals & Std III & IV SS Orals

Std I & II Marathi orals & Std III & IV SS Orals

Std III & IV Marathi Orals

Std III & IV Marathi Orals

15/01/2013 Annual Sports: (See Photos in Photo Gallery)

Annual Sports for the year 2012-13 were arranged from 7th to 11th January. Standard wise various events were taken such as running, frog jump, book balancing, potato race and exchanging the things etc. On 11th Prize distribution was organised. Mr. Diwakar Joshi ex-principal of Sister Nivedita School was the chief guest, who gave away the prizes.

05/01/2013 Picnic:
On 4.1.13, Std. II & IV picnic to Vardhaman Fantasy
On 18.1.13, Std. I & Std. III picnic to Vardhaman Fantasy
05/01/2013 Annual Sports:
Timing for Sports: 7.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. for all standards.
Date: 7.1.13 for Std. I sports
Date: 8.1.13 for Std. II sports
Date: 9.1.13 for Std. III sports
Date: 10.1.13 for Std. IV sports
(The students/standards, who do not have sports, will come to school as usual)

Annual Sports Prize Distribution:
Date: 11.1.13 for all standards
Timing for Sports: 7.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.
(There is no regular school in afternoon)

05/01/2013 Refreshment from School:
The following Standard students will be given 'Refreshment from School' on following dates.
Date: 7.1.13 for Std. IV
Date: 8.1.13 for Std. III
Date: 9.1.13 for Std. II
Date: 10.1.13 for Std. I
31/12/2012 Lecture on Parenting:

On 27th December, 2012 a lecture on parenting was arranged. Dr. Dushyant Bhadlikar, Psychiatirst who guided the parents. He discussed many problems which the parents faced in day to day life. He also guided working parents. He concluded that parents have to devote quality time & give a patient hearing to their child

31/12/2012 Annual Gathering: (See Photos in Photo Gallery)

Annual Gathering is one of the most important part of the school activities where children get chance to show their art and hidden talents.

Annual Gathering for the year 2012-13 was held on 24th December. Mr. Amey Datar presided over the function. Scholarship merit holders of Academic year 2011-12 were felicitated. Teachers who bagged prizes in various competitions were also felicitated. For the first time 4 children of Std.IV hosted the event. Our Chief guest Mr. Amey Datar performed a short mimicry of different persons which was really entertaining.

15/12/2012 Gathering Rehearsal
On 20/12/2012, Gathering Rehearsal half day for students except programme participants.
15/12/2012 Annual Gathering
On 24/12/2012, Annual Gathering 5-00 p.m. onwards
15/12/2012 Christmas Holiday
On 25/12/2012, Holiday on account of Christmas
15/12/2012 Christmas Celebration
On 26/12/2012, Children should come in colourful dress
15/12/2012 Lecture on PARENTING
On 27/12/2012, Lecture on PARENTING by Dr Bhadlikar on the ground from
5 p.m. to 7 p.m. All parents are invited
15/12/2012 Kala Vikas Programme
On 29/12/2012, Kala Vikas Programme at IES Campus, Dadar
15/12/2012 Month End
On 31/12/2012, Half day on account of 'Month End' 3-30 p.m. 6-15 p.m.
13/11/2012 General Instructions - Winter Vacation
16/10/2012 Time Table For Summative Evaluation, Std. I & II
16/10/2012 Time Table For Summative Evaluation, Std. III & IV
30/04/2012 General Instructions for New Academic Year
12/04/2012 Parents & Students please note...

- Open Day on Friday, 20th Apr. 2012
  Time between 4-00 p.m. to 5-00 p.m.

- Results for Ist & IInd on Monday, 07th May 2012
  Time between 11-30 a.m. to 12-30 p.m.

11/02/2012 Cub Bulbul camp was conducted on:
10.2.2012 & 11.2.2012. (Friday & Saturday)

Our School organized Cub Bulbul Camp to make children independent, to encourage them, inculcate discipline & to find hidden  talents.  This Camp also encouraged students to be co-operative and helpful to one another.  Many competitions were conducted like Clay Moulding, Memory Game, Langdi, Cultural Programmes etc.  Students were provided with unlimited breakfast, lunch & dinner.  The School also gave gift as a token of memory to all children. 'Khari Kamai' too made them realize importance of work and to show dignity to all kinds of work. Best Cub & Bulbul were felicitated along with other prize winners.


Annual Sports & Prize distribution - 6th Feb to 10th Feb.

Annual Sports were conducted from 6th Feb to 10th Feb.  Smt. Pranjali Kane Supervisor inaugurated the Sports by hoisting the Sports Flag on the first day. Various Events  like Frog Jump, Book Balancing, Potato Race & Exchanging the things were conducted.  Running was the common event for all the Std.s.

Annual Sports Prize distribution &  Finals of Semifinalist was conducted on 10th Feb.  Mr. Gulabrao Patil was the chief guest who gave away the  prizes.  He also encouraged students with his speech.

17/01/2012 Formative Evaluation:

Formative Evaluation is from 16/01/2012 to 23/01/2012

17/01/2012 Picnic:

Picnic is organised
for Std. II & IV on 28/01/2012 and
for Std. I & III on 04/02/2012
The children will be going to 'Paradise Fun Land' at Padgha, near Kalyan.


Inauguration of Website:


Today at 11-00 a.m. the inauguration of website for IES Chandrakant Patkar Vidyalaya, English Medium - Primary School is  done at the hands of Shri Atul Khirwadkar, GM & CEO, Kalyan Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd. in a special function in school premises.

The occasion was graced by the Trustee of C N Patkar Trust & School Committee Member, Smt Jayanti Patkar & Shri Tirodkar Sir

Inauguration was followed by words of Guidance by the Chief Guest.

The Name of the website is www.iescpvemprimary.org