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28/02/2018 Annual Educational Exhibition

Annual exhibition on Beauty and the Beaks’ was held on 28th February 2018 at our KG. The inaugural ceremony was held at 11. 00 a. m. at the hands of Ms. Ranjana Markad , Head of our English Primary .Mr. Dhatrak, Head of Marathi primary , graced the occasion. A grand welcome to the chief guest was hosted by the tiny tots by presenting the song on birds.

23/02/2018 Convocation Ceremony

In order to appreciate the efforts, put in by our dear, little tiny-tots for having successfully crossed the very first mile stone of the pre-primary education ,convocation ceremony was celebrated on 23rd February 2018. Graduation certificates were given at the hands of honourable chief guest Ms. Rajani Mahisalkar, Head of English and Marathi Secondary Section. Parents were overwhelmed with joy when they saw their children in convocation dress. Children expressed their gratitude through their speech.

30/01/2018 Annual Sports Meet

‘A sound mind in a sound body” is essential and contributes to one’s individual success. Sports Day brings new energy in the hearts and minds of the children.

Keeping this in mind Annual Sports Meet for the academic year 2017-2018 was held on 30th January 2018 at the school play-ground. Honorable chief guest Smt. Paranjpe, who is an eminent sports personality declared open the sports event and an oath of sports pledge was taken.

Running race was conducted for students of Mini KG, Jr. KG & Sr. KG followed by events summer race and tricycle race.

Winners were felicitated by medals at the hands of chief guest.

26/01/2018 Republic Day

69th Republic day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in our School. Our tiny tots in the costumes of Army, Navy and Air Force participated in the celebration. Children were holding the placard with message “Control the cellphone usage”. To mark the centenary year, a rally was arranged. Children and parents of all the three sections gathered in the school ground, participated in the rally.

19/01/2018 Outing

The students become very happy as they would have a free day to enjoy themselves and hence look smart and cheerful. An outing to Rotary Garden was organized on 19th and 20th of January 2018.

Outing gave the students and teachers to interact in a different atmosphere other than their academic schedule.

20/12/2017 Annual Gathering

Annual Gathering was organized on 20th December 2017. Cultural programmes are part and parcel of our school activities. It also provides a platform for the children to perform. Keeping this in mind school organizes annual gathering every year. Children were trained by the teachers.

30/11/2017 Annual Intra School Prize Distribution Ceremony

Competitions were as follows :

  • Action Song
  • Drawing
  • Diya Making
  • Picture Reading
  • Aarti Recitation
  • Fancy Dress
  • Story Telling

Annual Intra School Prize distribution ceremony was held at our stilt area on 30th November 2017. Prizes were given away at the hands of Chief guest T V Artist, Mr.Swapnil Ajgaonkar, our Ex-student. Parents of the prize winning students were also invited and they appreciated the programme.

15/11/2017 Sorting Leaves

Fenugreek (Methi) leaves sorting activity was conducted on 15th November 2017. Removal of muddy root part and sorting of leaves were demonstrated. Necessity of washing their hands with hand wash after plucking the leaves and importance of eating leafy vegetables were also explained.

14/11/2017 Children’s Day

Our first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru quoted, “Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow.”

On 14th November 2017 our CPV KG & Balodyan celebrated Children’s Day, the birth anniversary of Chacha Nehru, with great pomp and enthusiasm .At the gate our In charge and teachers welcomed the children with a birthday cap and helped them to it put on. Entrance gate, corridor and classrooms were beautifully decorated. KG section was buzzing with excitement and joy of colorfully dressed children. Magic show was organized for the children. It was a fun filled day for children. Children enjoyed the healthy and delicious snacks and sweets which were served to them.

08/09/2017 Grandparent’s Day

Grandparents play an imperative role in the life of every child. It has been rightly said that grandparents are those with silver in their hair and gold in their hearts. Grandparents pamper the kids more than their parents and leave a lasting impression in child’s life. So to honour the grandparents, Grandparent’s day was celebrated on 8th September 2017 at our CPV Hall.

Our KG in charge Ms.Prajwala Kadam and teacher Ms. Bharati Salvi recited a poem on grandparents. Teacher Ms. Vedawathi Shetty presented a hindi song. Children prostrated the grandparents and in return grandparents showered their blessings on them. Then Antakshari was conducted. Grandparents participated very enthusiastically. The grandparents who attended felt very special and were overwhelmed with joy.

Some of the grand parents came forward and appreciated the efforts taken by our KG In charge and staff to organize this programme. The event was a great success and it concluded with the valuable blessings of all the grandparents present to enrich our lives. Children prepared a greeting card and presented as token of love to their grandparents.

Snacks was served to all the grandparents.

25/08/2017 Mother’s Day

"Mothers have always played a special role in each of our lives. Their unconditional love, support and the feeling of a security blanket around us is unmatched Mother’s day was celebrated on 21 st August 2017. Mother parents were invited for Mother’s day celebration. It was a memorable day for them as their children gave them a greeting card prepared by them. Mothers were gathered in the school. Yoga instructor Ms.Shraddha Prabhu was invited to give guidance and tips for the mothers. She showed some asanas and exercises to keep the mothers healthy and fit.

15/08/2017 Independence Day

A patriotic song was presented by our tiny tots.

Independence Day was celebrated at our stilt area.

Independence Day 2017.

12/08/2017 Awareness Programme

To improve the parenting skills and to promote parent’s confidence, an awareness programme ‘Conscious Parenting’ was arranged by KG In charge Ms. Prajwala Kadam, for the parents on 12th August 2017 at IES CPV hall. It was conducted by Ms. Priya Khurana. The seminar was highly informative for parents as well as teachers. A ‘Question and Answer’ session was conducted for the parents. All doubts and queries of parents and teachers were addressed very amicably by the resource person.

29/07/2017 Orientation

Orientation, an interactive programme was conducted at IES CPV stilt area on 29th July 2017 in order to acquaint the parents with teaching and non- teaching staff and inform them about the various festivals, projects displayed and activities conducted in the school through PPT.

25/07/2017 Mangalagaur

In our Maharashtra Shravan month means full of festivals and celebrations. Our KG section celebrated Mangalagaur on 25th July 2017. Our tiny tots participated in Mangalagaur in maharashtrian traditional dresses and played games like Zimma, Fugdi etc. with great enthusiasm.

07/07/2017 Gurupournima

Gurupournima was celebrated on 7th July 2017.Children recited the Shloka “Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu”. A story on Guru was narrated by our Retired teacher Smt Kunda Salvi. A guru vandana was presented by Kumari.Swara Ashutosh Kanitkar from Sr. KG. Our Headnistress honored all the teachers by offering flower and sweets.

They gathered the following information

Maharshi Vyas, the author of the great epic- Mahabharata, is considered as the most knowledgeable and the greatest teacher. Hence, Guru Pournima is also known as Vyas- Pournima.

Our teacher is our Guru and we must respect our teacher.

Mother, being the first Guru we must obey and respect her.

03/07/2017 Ashadhi Ekadashi

Ashadhi Ekadashi is one of the most important religious celebrations in Maharashtra. Project depicting Ashadhi Ekadashi was displayed on 3rd July 2017. Palkhi festival showcases the distinctive feature of Maharashtra culture. Children dressed as Varkaris (the devotees of Lord Vithal) participated in the Dindi procession at our KG premises.

29/06/2017 Nisarga Day

To create awareness about importance of our Green friends (plant kingdom) Nisarga day was observed on 29th June 2017 Trees are our best friends and they provide us all the resources to live. So it is our duty to protect them. A project was displayed on different plants. Uses of plants and trees were explained to children.

Staff and children in green dress took pledge and promised to protect the green life and keep the surroundings healthy and beautiful..

16/06/2017 Father’s Day

		A father is someone who 
		Holds you when you cry
		Scolds you when you break the rules,
		Shines with pride when you succeed,
		And has faith in you even when you fail

Father’s day was celebrated on 16th June 2017. Fathers of the students were invited. Children wished their father, prostrated (Namaskar) and offered a pen distributed by school. Fathers knelt to their children’s level and accepted the pen. In return they gave toffees to the kids. Teachers, children and fathers sang a song with heartwarming expressions to make fathers feel special. Fathers appreciated the efforts of school authorities for this unique idea of involving the Fathers in such celebrations .This was an occasion to express gratitude towards fathers for all their love and support.


Laurels brought to school

Our KG / Balodyan children bagged many prizes at Lalit Kala Mahotsav and student's inter school competitions organized by IES kala Vikas Mandal.

  • Our children bagged Ishasthavan Rotating Shield (ईशस्तवन फिरती ढाल) for prayer dance. 42 children participated in this dance.
  • Marathi Drama “Stri Shakti Aadi Shakti (स्त्री शक्ती - आदी शक्ती) performed by children of Balwarga bagged 3rd prize.

Following children bagged individual prizes for their best acting in the above drama.

  • Miss. Shruti Dhanaji Khatkar bagged 2nd prize
  • Miss. Madhura Amod Vartak, bagged Consolation prize
  • Miss. Manasvi Mangesh Gawade bagged Consolation prize
  • Mast. Vedant Vijay Rahate bagged Consolation prize
  • English drama “Rainbow” performed by Senior KG children bagged consolation prize.
  • Miss. Swarangee Girish Mehendale bagged prize for Best Solo performance in Natyachata
  • Miss. Shruti Dhanaji Khatkar bagged prize for Best Solo performance in singing.
  • “Panchamrut” rotating shield won by our Headmistress Mrs. Madhuri Patwardhan for maximum number of prizes.

Heartiest Congratulations to all the prize winners of interschool competition

Name Medium Prize Organisation
Samruddhi Kiran Damle Balvarg 1st Fancy Dress
2nd Marathi Action Song
Kala Vikas Mandal
Abhinav Parag Joshi Kindergarten 1st English Action Song
2nd English Picture Reading
Kala Vikas Mandal
Anannya Kiran Patil Kindergarten 3rd Drawing
3rd Recitation Competition
Kala Vikas Mandal
Saish Sudhakar Salamwade Kindergarten 2nd Fancy Dress Kala Vikas Mandal
Swarangee Girish Mehendale Kindergarten 3rd Mono Acting Kala Vikas Mandal
Ethan Jimmy Koli Kindergarten Consolation English Picture Reading Kala Vikas Mandal
Arnav Vijay Patil Balvarg Consolation Fancy Dress Kala Vikas Mandal
Shruti Dhanaji Khatkar Balvarg Consolation Marathi Action Song Kala Vikas Mandal
Madura Amod Vartak Balvarg Consolation Marathi Picture Reading Kala Vikas Mandal
Chinamay Anand Mhatre Balvarg Consolation Marathi Picture Reading Kala Vikas Mandal
Chinamay Anand Mhatre Balvarg Consolation Marathi Picture Reading Kala Vikas Mandal
Yash Sagar Devdhar Balvarg Consolation Marathi Picture Reading Kala Vikas Mandal

99% of our KG and Balodyan teachers participated and bagged prizes in various competitions organized by IES Kala Vikas Mandal

1 Script Reading Competition - वीज म्हणाली धरतीला - 2nd Prize
  Participants : Ms. Madhuri Vidyadhar Patwardhan
Ms. Kunda Waman Salvi
Ms. Himangi Prakash Dewrukhkar
Ms. Bharati Jaywant Salvi
Ms. Netra Santosh Desai
2 Singing Competition  
  Ms. Himangi Prakash Dewrukhkar - 1st Prize
3 Nivedan Competition  
  Ms. Himangi Prakash Dewrukhkar - Consolation
11/02/2017 Grand Parents Day

The school celebrated its 16th successive Grand Parents Day on 11th February’17 at 5.00 pm. In the first session Teacher Smt. Himangi Dewrukhkar and her music troupe presented a music concert for the grandparents. Our young talents from secondary section also presented a music concert for the grandparents. It was a feast for the ears.

04/02/2017 Essay writing and drawing Competition

Essay writing and drawing Competition for grandparents and storytelling competition for mother parents were held on 4th February 2017

20/01/2017 Colour Day

Colour day was celebrated on 20th January 2017. Objects were displayed according to the colour of class badge.

10/01/2017 Annual Sports Day

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Participation in sports is a fun way to incorporate fitness at an early age.

The annual sports of our KG & Balodyan was conducted from 10th January 2017 to 12th January 2017. Outdoor events and indoor events were designed according to the age of the children.

15/12/2016 Annual Gathering

Our Kg celebrated the Annual social gathering on 15th Dec. 2017. The cultural programme began with Ishasthavan (prayer dance) by our tiny tots. Children presented Welcome dance, action song, and English drama and Marathi drama gracefully.

21/11/2016 Inauguration of kids corner

The development of science and technology has transformed human life. These changes have happened in the life of children too. Children spend many hours in front of the TV and the computer screen, and on playing video games, instead of playing outside in a natural environment. This has affected the physical, mental and social development of children. They get less time and opportunity to play in the open than children of previous generations. Tiny tots love to play on slide, swing and seesaw, which help them to develop social and emotional balance, physical co-ordination, strength, flexibility and also provide recreation. Considering these aspects, our KG/Balodyan constructed a Kid’s Corner where our children can play on swing, slide, spring rider, merry go round etc. Kid’s corner was inaugurated on 21st November 2016 at the hands of Smt Jayanti B Patkar, Chairman of CNPT. Our Chairman Sri. Satish Nayak, members of CNPT Sri Vinay Patkar, Sri Amit Patkar and all the Heads of IES CPV campus graced the occasion.

11/10/2016 Bhondla

Bhondla was celebrated on 11th October 2016. Children in traditional dress enjoyed playing Garba with teachers.

This helps to enhance the various aspects of development like physical, psychological, intellectual, motor skills and so on.

19/09/2016 Educate the Children through Play Way Method

“Play is work to the child”. This is a common saying that is readily emitted from the lips of caregivers and pre-school teachers. Keeping this in mind, we follow the play way method of teaching in our school. In this method, the children are learning through different activities and first hand experiences.

This helps to enhance the various aspects of development like physical, psychological, intellectual, motor skills and so on.

31/08/2016 Awareness Programme

Awareness speech by Headmistress Smt. Madhuri Patwardhan.

30/08/2016 Mother”s Day Celebration

“Matru Devo Bhava”. Mother’s Day was celebrated on 30th August 2016. Awareness programme, emphasizing the importance of spending quality time with the children, was conducted by our Headmistress Ms. Madhuri Patwardhan. Three generation from the girl child (Daughter, Mother and Grandmother) who were present were honoured. Children presented monoacting, action song, group song and shloka for mothers.

16/08/2016 Mother's Day Invitation

09/08/2016 Mangalagaur

Mangalagaur was celebrated on 9th August 2016. Children dressed in Navvari traditional sarees presented different cultural activities like Jhimma, Fugadi,etc.

30/07/2016 Orientation Programme

Orientation, an interactive programme was conducted at IES CPV stilt area on 30th July 2016 in order to acquaint the parents with teaching and non- teaching staff and inform them about the various projects displayed, festivals celebrated and activities conducted in the school,

22/04/2016 Puppet Show

Children enjoy puppet show. Puppet show on save water, save jungle, vegetables, water animals and cap seller & monkeys were performed by teachers.


Puppet making workshop was conducted on 21st and 22nd April 2016 by our madam Smt. Madhuri Patwardhan and our teachers Smt. Tanvi Salvi and Smt. Sughandha Patil.

They taught simple way of making katta Babu Puppets, shadow puppets and toy animals.

07/04/2016 Feathers in IES CPV KG’S Cap

We are very happy to say that our KG /Balodyan children bagged many prizes at Lalit Kala Mahotsav organized by Kalavikas Mandal of IES and also in competitions organized by Sanskriti Kala Darpan.

Marathi Drama “Sangit Samrat Tansen” performed by Bal varga children bagged 3rd prize at Sanskriti kala darpan.

  • “Tansen” created history in Lalit Kala Mahotsav. Our Teachers and children bagged all the prizes.
  • Bal Gandharva Rotating shield for best drama in KG section.
  • Smt Bharati Salvi 1st prize for script writing.
  • Mrs Himangi Dewrukhkar 1st prize for Direction.
  • Smt Kunda Salvi Rotating shield for setting (nepathya).
  • Miss Kimaya Khanvilkar special cash prize from all the sections for best singing in the role of Tansen.
  • Mast Aashay Gandhi bagged cash prize for best acting in the role of Akbar.
  • Mast Ved Joshi bagged cash prize for best acting in the role of Birbal.
  • Miss Aadya Vaidya bagged 2nd prize for acting.
  • Miss Divya Sakhare bagged 3rd prize for acting.

English drama performed by SR KG children “Zero the Hero” bagged 1st prize at Sanskriti Kala Darpan and teacher Mrs Namrata Kasare bagged 1st prize for script writing. Same drama bagged 2nd prize and Miss Sumedha Choudhari bagged consolation prize for Best Acting at Kala Vikas .The drama was directed by teachers Smt Yatina Kaware and Smt Archita Sakpal.

Koli dance performed by SR KG children bagged 1st prize at Sanskriti Kala Darpan and 2nd prize at Kala Vikas . Dance was choreographed by teachers Mrs Tanvi Salvi and Mrs Netra Desai.

Achievements of our students at Kala Vikas competitions

  • Mast Aashay Gandhi bagged 1st prize in Môno acting.
  • Mast Varad Bhagat bagged 1st prize in Fancy Dress.

Acheivements of our teachers

  • Smt Bharati salvi is a sixth time winner of Guru Gaurav Geet writing competition.
  • Mrs Himangi Devrukhkar is a winner of Best compering shield.

Following teachers bagged 1st prize in Marathi script reading

  • Mrs Himangi Dewrukhkar
  • Mrs Madhavi Manjrekar
  • Smt Kunda Salvi
  • Mrs Tanvi Salvi
  • Mrs Tanvi Salvi also bagged 1st prize as Best script reader.
  • Cherry on the cake is “Panchamrut” rotating shield won by our Principal Mrs Madhuri Patwardhan for performing best programmes in KG section.
26/02/2016 Shape Day

‘Shape Day’ was observed as the special day. Children were asked to bring eatables in different shapes in their tiffin. Objects and drawings pertaining to four basic shapes viz: Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle were shown to children.

13/02/2016 Grand Parents Day

The school celebrated its 15th successive Grand Parents Day on 13th February’16 at 5.00pm.Himangi Dewrukhkar and her music troupe along with prize winning parents presented a concert for the grandparents.

11/02/2016 Book Fair

To inculcate the habit of reading among students, like last year this year also a fair on books was held in the wide open area of our school ground from 11th February 2016 to 13th February 2016. There was “Dindi Procession’ on 11th February 2016 by the tiny tots of our KG with placards insisting the importance of reading.

26/01/2016 Republic Day

On 26th January 2016 Republic day was celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm at our school ground.

22/01/2016 Colour Day

On 22nd January 2016 colour day was observed. According to class colours, children brought toys and other objects and were displayed in their respective classrooms. As a follow up colouring and painting activities were conducted.

13/01/2016 Makar Sankrant Activity

Kite flying activity was conducted on 13th January 2016 at our school ground. . Children brought one kite each of various designs and colors. They enjoyed the activity.

11/01/2016 Meditation Workshop

India is a land of spiritual treasure. Meditation helps us to perform our duties in the most efficient way and live a life enriched with calmness, peace and harmony.

Meditation workshop for stress free was conducted by Dr. Anita and her team from 11th January2016 to 13th January 2016 .

02/12/2015 Common Birthday Celebration

Common Birthday was celebrated on 2nd December 2015. Children had come in colourful dress. KG section was decorated with balloons and festoons. Birthday cake was cut for both the sessions involving the students whose birthday was on that day. Sweets were distributed.

31/12/2014 "Manik Sandhya" A Grand Musical Concert Saturday 10th Jan'2015

06/10/2014 Swatch Bharat Abhiyan

Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated on 2nd October 2014. Selected children and all staff from all the 4 sections of IESCPV participated in the Prime Minister's "Swatch Bharat Abhiyan" procession around the school. Respected Chairman Shri.Satish Nayak grace the occasion. Pledge was taken. Head of Marathi Primary Shri.Vinay Dhatrak gave a small speech on awareness of cleanliness.

15/02/2014 Silver Jubilee grand celebration

Silver Jubilee grand celebration -Music concert was organized on th 15th February 2014

The staff and children came dressed as per the colour code from 10th February 2014 to 14th February 2014. Cap with school emblem and eatables were distributed to all children and staff.

08/02/2014 Grand Parents day

Grand Parents day was celebrated on 8th February 2014.

06/02/2014 Book procession (Pusthak Dandi)

Book procession (Pusthak Dandi) was organized on 6th February 2014

04/01/2014 Antakshari

Antakshari for Grandparents was conducted on 4th January 2014.

07/12/2013 Cookery competition

Cookery competition was conducted for parents on 7th December 2013 in the KG corridor. The topic was “Snacks for School Tiffin Box”.

30/11/2013 Best out of waste

Our KG section organized a competition on “Best from waste” for parents on 30th November 2013.

12/10/2013 Seminar on Dynamic parenting

A very informative and inspiring seminar on Dynamic Parenting was conducted on 12th October2013 by Smt. Padma Divakar in our school premises.

27/08/2013 Dance Competition

The teachers of our K.G section performed a folk dance on 27th August, 2013.

14/08/2013 Narali Pournima / Raksha Bandhan

Project depicting Narali Pournima and Raksha Bandhan was displayed on 14th August, 2013.

13/08/2013 Mangalagaur

To give knowledge about our Indian culture and traditions our KG displays projects on all occasions and celebrates the festivals in its traditional way. Our KG celebrated Mangalagaur on 13th August’13.

Children from all divisions who were in Navvari traditional sarees presented different cultural activities like phugadi, jimma, naachgaghumaetc in the school premises.

08/08/2013 Nag Panchami

This project illustrates Nag Panchami which was displayed on 8th August, 2013.

06/08/2013 Deep Pooja

This project depicts Deep pooja which was displayed on 6th August, 2013.

22/07/2013 Guru Pournima

The project depicting the ancient Gurukul System and contemporary school system was displayed for Gurupournima on 22nd July, 2013. Children recited the Shloka “Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu.

18/07/2013 Ashadi Ekadashi

AshadiEkadashiproject was displayed on 18.07.13. Children dressed as Varkaris” (the devotees of Lord Vithal) participated in the Dindi procession.

21/06/2013 Vat Pournima

Project depicting Vat Pournima was displayed on 21st June 2013.


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