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The foundation of Indian Education Society was laid by seven devoted teachers, 'Saptarshee' B.N. Vaidya, S.V. Nabar, P.Y. Patkar, V.N. Sule, M.D. Harne, Manikrao Lotlikar, and P. Dhamdhere, and With an ambition and certain goals regarding field of education bonded together on the occasion of 29th of September 1917, when the Indian Education Society was formally founded in Dadar, Mumbai with the noble objective of creating an institute for the all round development of education. They were aware that education played a very important role in the rapid advancement and overall development of the country.

Indian Education Society’s Girls’ School No. 2 was established in 1937. In 1948 it was recognized by the government. At that time it was a girls’ school. It had only 12 classrooms, two for each standard. There were about 20 teachers teaching 500 students. Nowadays, there are about 2500 Students taught by 50 instructors.

Perfection, Discipline, Consistency, Opportunity to follow new techniques are the main characteristics of modus operandi of school since its establishment.

In 1955, school started home science lab where music, cooking, sewing, handicraft skill could be taught. In the year 1959, 38 students were successfully passed SSC examination with home science as one of the subjects.

As the days passed, the school pursued phenomenon to be with new stream. School designs pattern of modus operandi considering current issues, progress, development in regarding fields. For making pupils computer savvy, school constructed well-equipped computer lab. To serve an objective of making students stimulus to roam in the world of scientific magics, school founded a science club. Inception of parents-teachers association focuses on the harmony between students, parents and the school. The Career Guidance section help the students to choose the best suited profession for them.

The school started co-education since 2000. It was renamed as Digambar Patkar Vidyalaya on 24th Dec 2002.

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