Anvesha is a quarterly research journal published by IES-MCRC having ISSN Number – 0974-5467 and listed on a well known journal database – ProQuest.

Anvesha is an academic platform for encouragement, compilation and dissemination of research on various aspects of management and business practices. It includes original, empirical research as well as theoretical and conceptual work in the field of management. It also publishes case studies, critical evaluation of existing business models and theories and reviews of the latest books relevant to the scope of the journal.

Call for Papers

Interested academicians and research scholars can send their research papers, case studies and book reviews to: The Editor – Anvesha at the following email ids: Or

The shortlisted papers are sent for review and only after double blind review, the papers are selected for publication. The authors whose papers are published are rewarded with suitable honorarium.

Guidelines for authors

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