Because of licensing agreements e-resources can only be accessed by computers logged on to the IES campus network.

1.ACE Equity
Ace Equity is a corporate database which provides latest historical, Financial and non-financial information with listed and unlisted companies in India. It gives comprehensive and analytical statistics for company information. No user ID and Password are required to access the database.
URL : http://www.aceanalyser.com
CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy)
It provides information solutions in the form of databases and research reports. CMIE is a database on the Indian economy and companies. CMIE can be accessed through as an icon on the desktop.

2. Economic Intelligence Service

provides an overview and a forecast of the Indian economy through a Monthly Review of the Indian Economy and provides 12 annual volumes of detailed reference data.

3. Industry Analysis Service

provides an in depth analysis of about 100 industries, every month. It contains forecasts and provides a detailed time-series database on the industries.

4. ET-Intelligence: Market Research

It is a single user and online database. It provides information on Equity Research reports, Daily Derivatives, Sectorial Portfolio Tracker, 100 fastest growing companies, Quarterly sectorial notes, Case studies, Daily updates on markets, Weekly Technical analysis, ET surveys etc. This database is accessible only thorough Library Computers and Login ID and Password can be sought from the Library.
URL : www.etintelligence.com

5. India Business Insight Database

IBID is the comprehensive index to Indian business and industry information in newspapers and magazines. IBID presents detailed summary of selected news and views published in over 240. User Id and password can be sought from the library staff.
URL : http://www.ibid.informindia.co.in

6. India Stat.com

It is a single user and online database. It provides comprehensive socio-economic statistical data about India and its states. Data on the portal has been classified in more than 35 categories and further divided into various sub-categories. This database gives a slick look into current happenings with a statistical approach. This database is accessible only through Library computers and Login ID and Password can be sought from the Library.
URL : www.indiastat.com


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