Membership and loan Privilege:

Inter Library loan Facility (ILL):

IES Library has become a member of DELNET, BCL, AIRC to meet ever growing thirst for knowledge among students and faculty members.
The library can borrow documents from other libraries on Inter Library Loan basis by filling up the Institutional Membership forms. The Institutional Membership forms are available with Library.

Reading Room:

The library has fully Air-conditioned, Wi-Fi enabled spacious Reading Room on 1st floor. The Reading Room can accommodate about 130 students and is kept open for 12 hrs. The Library also has a Discussion Room where students can hold discussions located on the same floor

Book Exhibition: 

Book exhibition is held every year. Members can obtain the books / CDs at concessional rates during the exhibition.

CAS: Current Awareness Service

Every month a list of additions to the library collection is made available to the students and faculty members via e-mail.

SDI: Selective Dissemination of Information 

The contents page of new journal arrived are scanned and sent to faculty members according to their subject specialization via email. Scanned pages of journals are also available in the library in soft copy.

Case Study Documentation:

The library comes out with the “Case Study Documentation” on specialized subjects. It includes listing of case studies on various topics available in Journals and Periodicals subscribed by the library.

Conference Alerts Monthly:

The library provides monthly info alerts on upcoming academic and professional events all over the world.

Newspaper Clipping Services

The newspaper clippings of daily business newspapers (ET, Business Standard, Business Line) pertaining to subjects like Business and Management, Economics, Technology and on current affairs are archived by library. A list of newspaper clippings is sent to faculty through email daily.

In-house Publications and material

The library preserves a collection of IES Publication material, IES events and activities.

Photocopying Facility:

A Photocopier is available in the library. Students can avail of the service at Re. 1/- a copy.

Printing Facility:

A printer is available in the library. Students can avail of the service at Rs.3/- a copy.


Recommendation from students and faculty are invited in building the collection of books in the library.

Library Orientation:

Library organizes a thorough orientation program for all classes and faculty members every year and sees to it that all the resources are well utilized

Overnight Issue:

Back issues of magazines can be borrowed on Reference card for overnight. Borrowing facility is available after 7.00pm. The magazines issued on reference card should be returned the next day by 9.00am. Failing which a fine of Rs. 100/- is imposed.

Past Question papers and Syllabi:

They are available on the Institutional Digital Repository and students can refer to them anytime during the College hours. They can be accessed at


The library has equipment like headphones and computers. Members can use the headphones for three hours duration by borrowing on their reference cards. Computers can be used to access the E-resources of the library.


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