Indian Education Society 's
Management College and Research Centre
Executive Education Programme(EEP) Calendar 2015-2016

S.No. Title of the Programme
1. Productivity-Improvement Tools,Techniqes for Enhancing Performance
2. Law of Contract: Its use and Application in Domestic & International Markets
3. Statistical Process and Quality Control for Continuous Improvement
4. Basic Statistics for Better Decisions
5. Enhancing Effectiveness of Frontline Managers
6. Building Brands Strategically
7. Data Analytics for Better Business Decisions
8. Transforming Customer Insights into Strategic Marketing Decisions
9. Ethics in Business and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
10. Imbibing Sustainable Development
11. Strategic Planning for Globalizing Business
12. Leadership for Business Excellence
13. Managing Healthcare Brand
14. Strategic Brand Management
15. Finance for Non-Finance Executives
16. Communication in Corporate Culture
17. Right Attitude for Right Altitude in Career
18. Leadership for Supervisory Staff
19. HR for Non -HR Executives
20. Management for Junior Officers
21. Labour Laws for Corporate Managers
22. Basics of Data Analysis in Decision Making
23. Microfinance: A Roadmap to Reduce Poverty & Risk
24. Corporate Performance Measurement
25. Reading Balance Sheet for Financial Insights
26. Accounting for Financial Instruments(inclusive financial Derivates)
27. Workshop on "Nuances in Marketing"
28. Technical Analysis & Derivatives
29. Advanced Derivatives
30. Data Analytic using MS-Excel
31. Project Management


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