IES and NTHU workshop on How to do business in India at Hsinchu, Taiwan on 16th-17th March 2018

Dr Mohan B Rao and Dr Minu Mehta addressed delegates from industry and academia at NTHU University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, from 16-17 March 2018 on How to Do Business in India. The workshop was 5th one meant for Taiwanese businesses who are focused on India.Earlier workshops were held at Mumbai, Delhi and Taipei. Dr Mohan B Rao spoke on Technology Communication and Transfer. Dr Minu Mehta spoke on Communication Strategy. The conference was attended by 70 industry and academia delegates

Delegates for the conference 


Dr Minu Mehta speaking on Cross Cultural Communication


Dr Rao and Dr Minu Mehta with delegates from leading universities of Taiwan


Dr Rao and Dr Minu Mehta with Dr Wang NTHU


Dr Rao speaking on Technology transfer and Technology Communication




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