Welcome To IES Manik Vidyamandir !

Our Motto : Kindling Minds & Hearts

Our school has tried to reflect the kaleidoscope of learning, adventure, creativeness & positive approach of our young minds through study & participation in various projects-activities, sports, cultural programs, talent - science activities, drawings and lot more things of day to day life.

Chairman's Message

Education is the best defence of a nation. Good education opens new avenues and channels of thought, and creates human beings who are conscious of their responsibilities as individuals and citizens. It is in a school, during the formative and most impressionable years of a child’s life that the foundation of this education is laid.
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Principal's Desk

We are pleased that you have taken the time to visit the IES Manik Vidyamandir website. We hope that your visit to our site today is helpful and that you log out with a positive impression of our school.
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