Medium of instruction : English

FYJC Commerce
Compulsory subjects (Each paper of 100 marks)

1. English
2. Marathi or Hindi or IT or French or German
3. Economics
4. Organization of Commerce
5. Book Keeping & Accountancy
6. Secretarial Practice or Mathematics
7. Environmental Education
8. Health and Physical Education
9. Bifocal Subjects :
    Banking, Office Management, Marketing & Salesmanship
    They can take any of these in lieu of language and Organization of Commerce.

FYJC Science
Compulsory subjects (Each paper of 100 marks)

1. English
2. Marathi or Hindi or IT or French or German
3. Mathematics or Economics or Psychology
4. Physics
5. Chemistry
6. Biology or Economics
7. Environmental Education
8. Health and Physical Education


Note : Bifocal subjects - Electronics, Electrical
Maintainence and Computer Science - are offered to the
students. They can take any one of these in lieu of
language and Biology.

Students of the SYJC class in Commerce/
Science are required to offer the same combination of
subjects as offered by them in the FYJC class.
Commerce students, however, may offer Secretarial
Practice in place of Mathematics.

Eligibility for Admission to Junior College

At the time of admission to the college, students coming from other states or those who have taken examinations other than that of the Maharashtra State Board have to fill in the prescribed provisional
eligibility certificate form obtained from the S.S.C. Board, and
submit it with

  • Mark sheet
  • Leaving Certificate from the institution last attended.
  • Migration certificate (originals & attested Xerox copies)
  • Passing certificate
  • Reservation of Seat

Seats are reserved as per the guidelines issue    periodically by the Government of Maharashtra.

  • Fees

Details of the fees will be displayed in the Notice Board at
  the time of admission.


a) If a student informs the institution before the commencement of the academic year that he / she wants to withdraw for any reason, the institution concerned shall refund the Tuition fee, Library and Laboratory deposits, if any, actually received from the student in fuII.The admission fee however will be retained by the institution.
b) If he desires to withdraw and applies for refund of fees after the commencement of the academic year the institution shall retain the admission fee, term fee and Library / Laboratory fee (if any)in full and also the proportionate amount of tuition fee till the end of the month in which the refund is claimed. The amount of tuition fee if any should be refunded.The Library deposit and laboratory deposit shall also be refunded.
c) Fees paid towards admission to IT / Bi-focal courses will not
be refunded.

• Attendance
The minimum attendance necessary for being eligible to
appear for the examination is 75 per cent of the working days in
each term.
Attendance of the students at the lectures, tutorials, tests and
examinations is absolutely compulsory.
A student whose attendance is not satisfactory is liable to be detained.

  • Rules of Promotion for FYJC
  • A candidate must secure minimum of 35 mark in all subjects to pass the examination. The final result of the FYJC class will be decided on average marks in a+b+c in each subject where  
    a = First Terminal Examination.
    b = Second Terminal Examination.
    c = Year work - Practical's / Unit tests, etc.
  • Note : Candidate must secure 25 per cent in theory paper


  • Condonation of Failure
  • lf a candidate appearing in all the subjects fails in one or more subjects, his / her deficiency of marks in one or more subjects to maximum of 30 marks but not exceeding 10 marks in any one subject shall be added for the purpose of passing the examination.

This rule of condonation is to be made applicable only
after working out the subject wise average on the basis of
(a + b + c)

  • Penalty for Malpractice

A student found copying in any of the examination / test
will be declared as failed.

  • Change in Optional Subject

Students are allowed to change the optional subject within
the first academic term.

  • Identity Card
  • Every student is expected to obtain his / her identity card from the college on payment of stipulated fee.
  • He / she must always wear the card in the college      premises with his / her recent photograph affixed to it.
  • A student without an identity card may be asked to leave the college premises.
  • On the loss of Identity card a duplicate Identity card will be issued to him / her on payment of specified fee as administrative charges.
  • Rules & Regulations

1. Every student must display his / her identity card when-ever   he / she is present in the premises of the college.
2. Students are warned that if their attendance at lectures/ practical's and tutorials is not satisfactory, their names will be removed from the college rolls.
3. No student organization can be formed without the permission of the principal.
4. Students must not Loiter in the college premises when the classes are on.
5. Students in the classes as well as in the premises of the college
6. Smoking in the college premises is strictly prohibited.
7. No student shall collect any money or contribution for picnic,trip,educational visit, study - notes, charity or any other activity without the prior sanction of the principal.
8. Students are expected to take care of the college property and to help in keeping the premises neat and tidy. Strict action will be taken against students / class who damage or disfigure property of the college. Collective fines may be imposed and / or students will be expelled.
9. Students should not leave their books, valuables and other belongings in the class - rooms. The college is not responsible for their lost property.
10. Vehicles (2- Wheeler) brought by the students will be parked at the owner’s risk. The college is not responsible for any damage to or theft of the vehicle.
11. The decision of the principal in all matters relating to the college shall be final / conclusive.
12. Mobile phones should be switched off during lectures and in the labs and library.
13. Failure to observe any of these rules will make a student liable to disciplinary action.

  • Library
  • The college library will remain open from 10.00 am to 4.00pm
  • The library will remain closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.
  • Library books will be issued only during the following hours:

11.00 am to 2.00 pm.

  • Students must produce their Identity cards at the time of borrowing books at the counter.
  • Books must be returned within ten days of the date of issue.
  • Students must return all Library Books eight days before the end of the terms or as indicated on the notice board. Student failing to return a book on or before the due date will be liable to a fine of Bs. 5/- per day per book.
  • It is strictly forbidden to mark Library books with pencil or ink or mutilate them in any way.
  • The student held responsible for any damage will be liable to pay a fine equivalent to the damage.
  • Complete silence must be maintained in and near the college library. Those disregarding this rule will be punished.
  • Books will be issued to students against a deposit of Bs. 200/-The refund of deposit will be made on the date declared by the college office.
  • Educational Tours

The college does not organize any trip, picnic, etc.
However, educational tours and excursions which form a part of
the curriculum are arranged.

  • Dress Code

There is no precise uniform prescribed. However , students
are expected to maintain a certain decorum and dignity in the
choice of the clothes they wear.