About School


IES NEW ENGLISH KINDERGARTEN AND BALODYAN was established in 1968 The endeavor of reviving the age-old concept of education in a new child-friendly environment is spearheaded by a dedicated group who believe, "Helping young minds to realize their full potential is a creative challenge."

IES New English KINDERGARTEN AND BALODYAN is where your child will find his/her first independent, socially interactive scene. It's a place where your children pick up valuable lessons that leave an indelible mark on their future. It is a place where you as parents can confidently send your children and be assured of them being moulded into responsible, confident and successful individuals.

What Does Our School Offer ?

A school designed from scratch. A philosophy of freedom and tool for learning. A new idea for the role of the teacher a facilitator. Democracy as a ability of children to learn while they play. Use of different pedagogy. Learning by doing, understanding and discovery

At our School

Students and educators make the rules and run the school. The curriculum is developed in accordance with student interest. Related themes are studied together. Professional from diverse background will be invited to speak. Educators and student will complete evaluations jointly.