Guru Pournima is a traditional Indian festival of the Hindus and Buddhists. It is celebrated to acknowledge the contribution of teachers. This day is dedicated by the disciples to their teachers. Celebration also includes Guru Puja in many places. In our school Guru Pournima was celebrated on 7th July’2017. A common project was displayed for all the kids. All the teachers gave informative talk and narrated stories for their kids. Teachers were felicitated by a token of love, a flower and sweet. Teachers took blessings from their superiors as GURU.


Ashadhi Ekadashi was celebrated with full devotion on 3rd July’ 2017. A message giving project was displayed. Puja of Lord Vithal and Rukumini was performed. Informative talk about this festivals was given by teacher Shalmali Bagwe. A huge procession of children dressed as “Warkaris” singing Bhajan and Abhangas were taken in each and every classes. This festival was celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and devotion.


Mother nature provides nurture for all living being. it is our duty to nurture in young minds respect and regard for mother nature. This can be done only by creating an awareness at a very early age. Keeping this in mind we at NEKG organized Nisarg Puja i.e’ Worship of Mother’.

This special week commenced on 29th June’ 2017 and were celebrated last 29th June’ 2017. For each day a separate activity was planned. Seeds are the beginning of a new plant, a plant that provides many benefits to living being. The first activity was sorting and counting followed by soaking seeds, planting and growing seeds, observation of growing plants and ended with community lunch. Here not only multiply intelligence but holistic approach were taken care of but also an effort was made to develop socially accepted behavior. The feeling of oneness was generated as children shared lunch together. The tiny tots thanked Mother Nature and Lord Almighty by offering prayers of gratitude. Teachers made a conscious effort to instill in young minds, the needs to plant and protect trees.


The international yoga day was celebrated on 21st June’ 2017 all over the world to bring peace, harmony, happiness and success to every soul. The international yoga day is a great opportunity to imbibe our children the value of discipline. Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice that has to be carried everyday in our life. Children got the chance to know how yoga embodies peace of mind and body. Our two teachers Mrs. Seema S Kadam and Mrs Gauri S Varsakar conducted yoga session for all the three section i.e Mini, Junior and Senior KG children. Kids practiced different yoga postures like butterfly, Pranayama, Surya Namaskar, Meditation and Chanting of OM. Prayers were recited before and after the programe.


Republic Day Celebration will be held in NEKG & BALODYAN on 26th January 2017.


Awareness Programme on “Dental Health and Oral Hygiene” – an annual feat of NEKG was organized on Thursday the 12th of January 2016.

Dr. Tushar Shinde, eminent dentist was the chief guest and Rotarian Shri Amarendra Mulay, President Rotary Club of Mumbai – Sion was the guest of honour. Smt. Rupali Shinde graced the occasion with her presence.

Dr. Shinde spoke to parents and gave information about Dental care anr Oral Hygiene.

He later answer their queries through an interactive session with parents.

Rotary Club of Sion sponsored the prizes which were handed over to the winners. In all 63 prizes were given to children. These winners were selected at the medical check-up conducted earlier.


The following programs were presented.

  • Ishasthavan
  • Marathi Drama – Bakshis
  • Marathi folk dance – Varadhinrutya
  • English drama – Listen to us
  • Patrotic dance – Jai ho


Annual gathering of NEKG and Balodyan will be held on 19th December 2016 on the school ground from 5pm to 8pm. Children will present variety entertainment programme.


The Report cards of children of Mini/Junior/Senior KG were given to parents on 30th Nov. 2016. The parents were informed about the progress of the children during the 1st term.


Fancy dress was held on 29th November 2016 during school hours. Children of Mini/Junior came dressed as whereas character. Children of Senior KG were given a theme – TOY. The competition was judge by supervisors.


HEALTH IS WEALTH. So we at NEKG organized Dental checkup for children every year. Teeth are important for proper digestion and good health but also for good personality. Hence, carry for teeth becomes invariable. Eminent dentist Dr. Tushar Shinde and his team of enthusiastic do conducted Dental check up and 5 children from each class were selected as prize winners. The prizes are being sponsored Rotary Club of Mumbai- Sion and will be distributed during the awareness programme to be conducted later on.


Children are the life of any preschool and children’s day is a special event. We at NEKG celebrated this special day i.e. Children’s day on 15th November. The KG section was brightly decorated with lights and balloons. A common birthday party was organized for the children. Information was given to children about Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru every child came dressed in new clothes. Gifts and snacks were distributed to children. And each child was given greeting cards and paper crowns. The atmosphere was colourful and lively.

Shri Satyanaryan Puja and Ganesh Sthapana - 2016

Shri Satyanaryan puja and Ganesh sthapana was held on 31st August 2016.

Every year satyanarayana puja is done in NESKG to seek blessings of the Lord

This year the puja was held on 31st August 2016. This was followed by Musical programme” Yugandhar Sakha” by Smt. Bhirangi Madam ex- principal Bhandup primary along with our music teacher Smt. Sulbha Limaye.

Matrudin or Mother's Day - 2016

Matrudin or Mother's Day was celebrated on 30th August 2016. Haldi kumkum ceremony was conducted for ladies.

Ganesh Festival - 2016

Ganesh festival is a time to rejoice. A project on this festival is displayed in NESKG and Balodyan.

Information about Lord Ganesha was given to children. Children joined in singing Aarti. The project was witnessed by parents also. Prasad was distributed to children. The project was displayed from 30th August till 2nd September.


Gokulashtami will be celebrated on 24th of August, 2016.

Gokulashtami and Janmashtami marks the occasion of birth of Lord Krishna. This event was celebrated on 24th August, 2016. Teachers gave information about Lord Krishna – his various names , about his friends, his love for Curds, etc.

The atmosphere was full of fun and frolic.


Raksha Bandhan and Narali Pournima was celebrated on Tuesday the 16th of August, 2016.

Children came in colourful dresses. Teachers explained the importance of the day and tied rakhees to all children.

Projects depiciting the festivals were displayed . Sweets made from Coconut were distributed.

Later Children danced to the rhythm of Koli folk songs.

Awareness Program - 2016

An awareness programme about health and hygiene was conducted for ladies. Dr. Amrita Mishra from R.A.Podar Ayurveda college addressed ladies and answered their queries.

Head mistress Smt. Sharmila Mukherjee spoke about inculcating hobbies and being aware of the surrounding.


29th July 2016

As the name suggests awareness programmes are conducted to create awareness about different things that affect life. Our first awareness programme was held on 29th July 2016 the topic being “Moonsoon related diseases, Prevention and cure” Dr. Deepnarayan Shukla was the speaker he address parents and gave revelent information about the topic.

The programme was well attende by the parents who benefitted from the interactive session where Doctor answered many of their queries.


Guru Pournima is traditionally celebrated to pay respect to teacher and express Gratitude. The festival is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Ashadh ( June July ). This year we celebrated this festival on Tuesday, the 19th of July. Project depicting ashram where Guru imparts knowledge to his pupils. Children were told about the role of teachers and elders in their lives. Pupils expressed gratitiude.

Smt. Sugandha Sawant told story to children and explained to them values like obedience, love for nature, cleanliness etc.

Smt. Sharmila Mukherjee (Head) addressed the teacher and told them about their responsibilities towards society. Teachers promised to put in their best efforts.


The festival of Ashadhi Ekadashi is celebrated with great devotion. Thousands of devotees go in procession to Pandharpur from different parts of Maharashtra carrying palanquins. A project depicting the scenario was put upon Thursday, 14th July 2016. Children dressed as Lord Vithoba, Rukmai and Warkaris carrying Palanquin, potted Tulsi Plants, Orange Flags and singing hymns along with teacher staged a mock Dindi around the KG section.

YOGA DAY - 2016

21st June 2016

Yoga enriches the consciousness and makes one alert, aware active energetic and positive. It helps to achieve Control over the mind and flexibility of body. It enables us to live life to its full potential.

International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June 2016. The programme was conducted by Lion’s Club of University Campus and Yoga institute of Santacruz due to efforts of Lion Shri Arvind Vakil and Shri Sameer Vakil.

Children of Sr. KG performed Yoga under the Supervision of yoga teachers.


We celebrated Father’s Day on 20th of June, 2016. This was done to recognise and respect the role of Father in a Child’s life. The Celebration became all the more important because it strengthened the bond between father and child.

Beautiful pictures and placards were put up to greet fathers. They were invited to take part in creative stamping activities. The colourful papers were then used to make greeting cards for fathers which were then put up on notice boards. Children were explained the importance of father.