School In-charge

MS. Bharati Godse

  • +91 022 26570784

  • NES KG SCHOOL, Govt. Servants Colony, Near Kherwadi Police Station, Mumbai : 400051. Maharashtra. India.

NESKG & Balodyan, a place where children grow as children. It is a stress free environment with hands on learning experiences; this combination gives them a lot of confidence and knowledge. We do not believe in carrying loads of books on the back but believe in imbibing facts of life in them. We allow them to express themselves. This is what makes them different. When you will explore you will know about the various activities planned and conducted for our pre-schoolers. This is possible because of our supportive management who have contributed in building the right infrastructure for perfect educational development and the focus is on developing learning and making it a fun filled process.

Today’s educational institutions have a big and challenging role to compete in preparing a Global Citizen.

To me, the meaning of global citizen is simple. It is the acceptance of each other, world over – for progress, where contribution is ‘willing’ due to ‘acceptance’. As a citizen, who is sensitive to issues of his own country and takes responsibilities for the same, the global citizen needs to gear up even more, for there are more issues and responsibilities to own up.

In our school, various activities are undertaken keeping these things in mind. To mould students at a young age is easier, but then we all need to contribute. At school, we are trying our best and I am sure as a parent you are doing your best too. Respect for the almamater and everyone working for it requires to be inculcated. Every individual in the society is valuable and they need to be treated with respect.

NESKG today has sown its seeds for nurturing our present generation of students. We surely give them the best - a stress free environment, our care and individual attention, a well researched and integrated curriculum to groom them into global citizens and enrich their creativity. The experience of our KG journey enables our students to develop the skill of application, infuses confidence and instills in them value added education.

Our prime objective is to use this website as communication tool-to keeps students, teachers, parents updated with extremely stimulating activities & info which provides each of our students safe, nurturing & supportive environment to make learning purposeful and enjoyable.

With the effort of my team, on their and my behalf, I promise that we will achieve our dream of creating a global citizen of future India – ready to soar great heights.