• Attendance

    • Regular attendance is compulsory. Pupils should be in the school premises in time for the first bell. They must be present in their respective classroom immediately after the ten minute warning bell, After the short and the long recesses. Absence / coming late without a proper reason shall entail punishment.
    • Pupils are not permitted to leave the school compound during the short and long recesses.
    • If a pupil remains absent from school, he should produce a note from his parents / guardian on the next day he attends school, indicating the reason for his absence. If the absence is more than 3 days, the parents / guardian should inform school about it in advance either personally / in writing. Absence on account of illness should be supported by a medical certificate.
    • No leave of absence is granted except for genuine reasons.
    • It is advisable not to send a pupil suffering from an infectious disease to the school. A medical certificate that the pupil is free from infection, should be produced when he rejoins school after such an illness.
    • If for any reason a parent / guardian desires that his ward should return home from school before the scheduled time he should send with him a note to that indicating the reason. In the alternative, when a pupils desires to return home for some proper reason earlier than the scheduled time should apply in writing to the class -teacher to the effect. The pupil is issued in such a case a gate pass in duplicate, one copy of which is to be handed over by the pupil to the watchman before leaving the school compound and the second copy carried by him home to be returned to the school office next day with the guardian’s signature and the time of the arrival of the student at home.
    • If a pupil is unwell, he should not be sent to the school.
  • School Uniform

    • Pupils should wear the school uniform on school days and at school functions along with the I. card. The uniform should be neat and tidy.
    • Uniform for boys (Polyester / Cotton)
      Dark brown half pant (long pant on voluntary basis for only VIII, IX and X stds.) Lemon Yellow half shirt.
    • Uniform for girls: (polyester cotton)
      Dark brown pinafore with a sash of the same cloth. Lemon Yellow blouse with half sleeves.
      Physical Exercises and Yogasanas
      Uniform will be informed later on

      Pupils may wear suitable footwear during the rainy season, but from 1st Oct. they should wear black canvas shoes with white sock everyday including for mass drill.

      Boys should have their hair close-cut, neatly combed and dressed.
      Girls should have a simple hair style. Two plaits with black ribbons, short hair with black hair - band. (No other style is permitted.)

      School bag

      Every pupil should bring textbooks and notebooks for the lessons of the day in a school bag made of leather or cloth, etc.

      If an exemption is desired for valid reasons, from any of the above rules, an application should be made in writing to the school management. A card indicating the nature of exemption and the period of its validity, will be issued. The pupil concerned should always carry this card in school and produce it when called upon to do so.
  • Discipline

    • Pupils are strictly forbidden to leave school premises without permission.
    • Pupils are not allowed to wear any ornaments or bring any valuable articles to the school.
    • Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence for more than seven days, habitual idleness, disobedience and objectionable behavior may lead to dismissal.
    • Pupils are responsible to school authorities for their conduct both in and out of school. Hence misbehavior on road and in public conveyance can be the cause for dismissal. 5) Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is not permitted.
    • Any kind of damage to the school property will have to be made good by the pupil concerned.
    • Pupils who is late for the first period in the morning or in the afternoon session, will not be admitted to the class without the Headmaster’s permission.
    • When pupils move along corridors while changing classes, they are expected to walk in silence and in a single line, keeping to the left.
    • Personal hygiene and cleanliness are expected from all students.
    • No books other than textbooks and library books should be brought to the school.
    • Students should speak in English in the English Medium School.
    • Each pupil should endeavor to keep up the high standards of the school.
    • No collection for any purpose whatsoever is to be undertaken and no meeting, demonstration, party or picnic is to be held without the prior permission of the Head.
    • Gifts to members of the staff or any other celebrations in their honour require prior sanction from the Head.
    • If a pupil is found committing theft of school property, he is liable to be rusticated from the school.
  • Admission and Withdrawal

    • Admission of pupils from non-recognized schools will be subject to departmental permission. (Only for std IX and X)
    • Pupils, who have attended any recognized school will not be admitted, without a leaving certificate from the school last attended. If they come from a school outside the state of Maharashtra, the leaving certificate has to be counter signed by the concerned Inspector of the Zone in which the school is situated.

      A pupil must complete 75 percent attendance in each term. If the pupil fails to fulfil this criteria without proper justification he/she will not be allowed to appear for school examination.
    • The Head of the school reserves the right to request withdrawal of any pupil, whose behaviour or progress in his / her opinion is unsatisfactory.
    • Fees once paid are not refundable.(for unaided schools only)
    • Pupils once admitted cannot be withdrawn without a month’s notice or month’s fees in lieu of notice.
    • Leaving certificate will not be issued unless all school dues are paid and all books and articles belonging to the school are returned.
  • Fees (For Unaided schools only)

    • The amount of tuition and term fees will be available with the office.
    • Fees should be paid by the 10th of every month. In special case grace period of 10 days may be allowed. Fees should positively be paid by 20th of every month. Thereafter delayed payment charges will be recovered as approved by the Department.
    • Fees for May must be paid along with the fees for April, even by the pupils who leave the school in April.
      For Std. X students.
      Students of Std. X should pay fees for the months of February to May along with the fees of January.
    • Delay in Payment beyond two months could render the name of the pupil to be struck off rolls.
    • No deductions are allowed for vacations or for interrupted periods.
    • The payment of school fees should be made by cross and order cheque to ensure safety. Cheques should be made payable to school concerned.
    • The school will not be responsible for the loss of cash or cheques sent through pupils.
    • Payment made by cheques is subject to realization of the cheques.
  • Examinations and Promotions

    • For STD. IX
      Besides the two Semester Examinations which will be held at the end of the first term and at the end of the year respectively, there will be two unit tests. The promotions will be based on these examination and tests along with the general progress of the pupils throughout the year.
    • For Std. V - VIII-.
      There will be two semester Exams and formative and Summative evaluation of the students.
    • There will be two semester exams and formative and summative evaluation of the students will be conducted per term.
    • Only ‘formative’ evaluation will be conducted for the subjects P.T, W. Exp., Art. No ‘Summative’ evaluation for these subjects.
    • Mark obtained by a child in both the evaluations will be added together at the end of the each term.
    • The total marks thus received per subject per term will converted into grades. These marks/ grades will not be carried forward in the next term.
    • The schedule and methodology for conducting this type of evaluation will remain flexible.
    • Each child must secure at least C2 grade.
    • The Society and the School Management reserve the right to alter the dates of examination owing to unavoidable circumstances.
    • Attendance
      A student must have a minimum of 75% attendance.
  • Task Class

    • Defaulting pupils will be set a task after school hours. In such cases slips indicating the nature of the fault and the date on which the task class is to be attended will be issued to the pupils for obtaining the signature of their parents / guardians.
  • Recommendations to Guardians.

    • Guardians are requested to ensure that the above rules are scrupulously followed by their wards.
    • They are expected to see that their wards prepare their lessons, do the home work given every day and take down the notes given by the teachers in the class.
    • Guardians are informed that the school authorities will send through their, wards monthly reports about their attendance and progress and the result of the examinations held from time to time. They are requested to sign these reports and return them immediately. Failure to do this may render their wards liable to be sent home.
    • Guardians or any other person are not allowed to meet the pupils or interview their teachers during school hours without the Head’s permission. They can meet the teachers during their free periods with the consent of the Head.
    • The school authorities may send reports of pupil's long absence from school, in disciplinary behavior or poor performance in studies. Guardians should take a serious note of such reports and meet the Head immediately, if they are called upon to do so.
    • Guardians are requested to see that their wards take their midday lunch to the school. Buying eatables from hawkers should be strictly discouraged.