Riddhima Khedkar

Prof Riddhima Khedkar

Riddhima Khedkar
Assistant Professor


Riddhima enjoys teaching and believes every day is a new learning experience. According to her learning and education are a double-sided process where one teaches and two learn. Her inclination is towards research and design, which focuses on understanding and analyzing the symbiotic and asymbiotic relationship between cities and people and the built versus the unbuilt. Her position as a design, editorial and research associate at Terreform Urban Research, New York in 2016-17 along with the ongoing Indian Aesthetics post-graduate diploma course at Jnanapravaha, Mumbai has helped her shape her research and analytical skills. She is of the opinion that architecture has a very reciprocal association with everyone. To explore this association, she constantly tries to engage herself with activities relating to the same. She is currently a full-time faculty and teaches Architectural Design, Allied Design (Urban Design Studio), Humanities and Building Construction.


Master in Urban Planning (Urban Design) from City University of New York, New York

Bachelor of Architecture from Rachana Sansad’s Academy of Architecture, Mumbai

Notable Achievement, Publications and Projects

‘Livability Transition from Peri-Urban to Urban: Study of Thane City’; The 3rd Asian Regional Conference on Peri- Urbanization, SPA Bhopal, India, December 2019. (Paper presentation).

‘Livability Transition from Peri-Urban to Urban: Study of Thane City’; Proceedings of Asian Regional Conference on Peri-Urbanization, Vol. 3, Bhopal, India, December 2019, ISSN 2671-9061.

‘Heritage v/s Industrialization: A look into the Past for an Exposition Ahead’; Journal of Recent Activities in Architectural Sciences (MATS Journal), Vol. 4, Issue 04, pp. 10-20, February 2019.

‘Closing Down of Textile Mills: A break-through in the Real Estate or a Curse to Mumbai’; International Journal of Current Research (IJCR), Vol. 10 Issue 08, pp. 72641-72648, August 2018.

Final Year B.Arch. Design Dissertation nominated for Meenal Panchal Architectural Award 2015, Mumbai University.

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