6 Month Certificate Course in Ceramics

An intensive course to become a trained ceramic artist. From the history of ceramics to creating a portfolio of your own, this course takes you through a holistic approach to this art form.

Course Content:

– History of Ceramics

– Contemporary Ceramics

– Design & Visualization

– Hand Building Techniques

– Throwing (Potters’ wheel)

– Firing Technique

– Glazing

– Production Work

– Marketing

– Portfolio Making


Session Timings:

(Saturday – Sunday)                      Batch 1: 9 am to 4 pm 


Min. qualification SSC or equivalent


Rs 1,20,000/- (including GST)

Fees include:

·         Materials used at the studio (clay, glazes, tools)

·         Cost of bisque and glaze firings objects of pottery during the course.

·         Site visits

·         Workshops

·         Demonstrations & Presentations

·         Master Classes

·         Toolkit (Pottery tools; Wooden box; Apron; ID card; Scale; Weighing scale; Sketchbook; Course book)


Students are encouraged to practice whenever the studio is open and classes are not in session.

*Payment can be done in two installments, first payment required to make reservation. Second payment to be done within two months.

General Studio Rules

·         All rules are subject to change within a month’s notice; except for rules that apply to firing fees, health and safety, which are subject to change without advance notice.

·         Students are to use tools, glazes, clay, etc provided by the studio. No outside clay or glazes allowed.)

·         Students are to be respectful in attitude and manner to people and property.

·         Students are to attend all academic programs and co-curricular activities.

·         Students are to work diligently not only on assigned daily class work but also other projects.

·         Min. 80% Attendance is compulsory.

·         Reporting to the studio on time is mandatory.

·         Take good care of college properties. Cost of replacement for vandalized items will be borne by the students responsible for the damage.

·         Maintain highest standards of cleanliness in studio. Cleanliness includes maintenance of the studio and surrounding.

Refunds and Cancellations

·         No refunds/credits once any course has begun.

·         The 6 month certified course has no refund policy at any given point in time.

·         The short courses can be postponed to the next batch in case of an emergency, if informed prior to the commencement of the course. If not, there will be no refund of the short course fees.


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