Upcoming Master Class

How to make your own clay bodies & matching glazes

A master class by Sandeep Manchekar. You will learn how to make your own clay bodies to suit your needs and formulate glazes to match those bodies.

- Course Fees: Rs. 29,500
- 6-day course, over 2 weekends

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Topics covered

  • Introduction to raw materials that form clay bodies
  • Physical testing and firing of each material
  • Evaluating firing results of raw materials
  • Understanding the concept of “Clay Body”
  • Studying the results of fired clay bodies
  • Preparing large batches of selected clay bodies
  • Introduction to raw materials used in glazes
  • A glimpse into the “Line Blending” method of forming glazes
  • Understanding role of each material and the effect on each other
  • Developing a transparent base glaze using line blending
  • Understanding effect of firing on base glazes
  • Testing glazes to perfectly match selected clay bodies
  • Composing glaze and adding modifiers to make suitable batch of base glaze
  • Line blending glazes using stains as colourants
  • Studying results of 4 firing sessions and discussion
Making clay bodies and matching glazes
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