Marketing for Potters

Let's Talk Money! An interactive discussion series for artists by Indranil Garai - Art Consultant, Marketing Guru and Curator - Pune Potter's Market 2019 Topic: How to use potter's markets and art gallery exhibitions as strategic marketing channels for studio potters.

- Entry is free. Reservation necessary.
- Light refreshments will be served.

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Discussion Topics​

  • What are the main mediums / channels for artists to use to market their work?
  • How does one assess the market in terms of what the demand is?
  • What are the things to be aware of while packaging work, posters, fliers etc.?
  • What are some tips on how to make the most impact when branding or creating visuals for marketing?
  • How do artists tap into buyers at potter’s market or art galleries?
  • Other related topics

There will be a question and answer session involving the audience, after the panel discussions have been completed.


Indranil Garai

Indranil Garai

IGA Galleria

- Art Consultant

- Curator

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