• Koha- Integrated Library Management Software             

The library is fully automated with a full featured modern intergrated Koha Library Management Software. All library operations (Cataloguing, circulation, acquisition, serials and stock verification) are automated and managed by Koha software. The online Library catalogue can be accessed anytime anywhere. The library members get the email or/text updates on all circulation activities including overdue notices. The members can check the status of purchase suggestions online. The usage of the library and library resources is also monitored using this software. The software facilitates different types of reports generation.

  • Inter Library loan Facility (ILL)

IES  Library  has  become  a  member  of  DELNET  (Developing  Library  Network)and

AIRC(American Information Resource Centre) to meet ever growing thirst for knowledge

among students and faculty members.


The library can borrow documents from other libraries on Inter Library Loan basis by filling up the Institutional Membership forms.   The Institutional Membership forms are available with Library.


  • Complementary Business Newspapers

To keep the students updated with latest business information, college provides complimentary copy of Economics Times on daily basis


  • Reading Room

The  library has  a  fully  air-conditioned  and  spacious  Reading  Room  on  1st   floor.  The

Reading Room can accommodate about 130 students and is kept open for 12 hrs.


  • QR (Quick Response) Code

The QR code for the list of past project reports and other useful library resources are displayed in the library.


  • Book Alert

Every month a list of additions to the library collection is made available to the students and faculty members via email.


  •  Periodical Alert

Every fortnight a list of periodical new arrivals is sent to faculty members and students via e-



  • Business News updates

Daily updates on important business news are given to the students and faculty members.


  • In-house Book Exhibit

The  library  celebrates  select  events  of  national  /international  importance  or  birthdays  of

renowned management scholars. Through this service, the library collection (books and other resources) are displayed in the library.


  • Case Study Documentation

Every month a list of case studies published in Journals and Periodicals subscribed by the

library is made available to faculty members and students via e-mail.


  • In-house publications and material

The library preserves a collection of IES Publication material, IES events and activities.


  • Photocopying Facility

Photocopying facility is available in the library. Students can avail of the service at Rs. 1/- a copy.


  • Printing Facility

A printer is available in the library. Students can avail of the service at Rs.3/- a copy.


  • Suggestion and Feedback

            Purchase Suggestions from the students and faculty are invited in building the   collection

of   books in the library. In order to improve the quality of library services, IRC also collects feedback from the students.


  • Hands-on-Training

Library organizes hands-on-training program on E- Resources subscribed by the library for

First year students.


  • Overnight Issue

Back issues of magazines can be borrowed on Reference card for overnight. Borrowing

facility is  available  after  7.00pm.  The  magazines  issued  on  reference  card  should  be

returned the next day by 9.00 am. Failing which a fine of Rs. 100/- is imposed.



  • Past Question papers

They are available on the Institutional Digital Repository and students can refer to them anytime      during      the      College      hours.


  • Equipment

The  library  has  equipment  like  headphones  and  computers.  Members  can  use  the

headphones for three hours duration by borrowing on their reference cards. Computers can

be used to access the E-resources of the library.



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