Library Card

1.1  Access to IES library is restricted to staff and students of IES MCRC.

1.2  In case of loss of library cards or reference card, the library will make a duplicate card on filling up of prescribed form with charges of Rs. 50/-  each.

1.3 Members must carry their I– Cards to get entry and use the library.

Members must produce it when asked to do so by an authorized person.  The card must be used only by the member to whom it is issued.


Set of Text-books

The students can borrow a set of text-books from the library every trimester/semester. The books should be returned within 15 days after trimester/semester exams are over.

Overdue Charges.

Book must be returned to the library on or before the due date.  If books are not returned to the library on the due date, an overdue charge will be Rs. 2/- per day per book after due date, till the date of return. This overdue charge will be Rs. 10/- per day, per book during exam period.  Library material issued on Reference Ticket should be returned on the same day or else a fine of Rs. 100/- will be charged  per day till the date of return.


Reservation for book:

If desired book is not available in the shelf, reservation/demand slip may be filled in.

Renewal of the books:

a. Students should renew the book personally and only once.

b. Books will be renewed only if the book is not in demand.

c. Books shall be renewed on or before due date.


Conditions for borrowing books:

  • Books shall be used with utmost care.
  • Borrower shall be personally responsible for safe custody and return for the library books.  Books damaged or lost are to be replaced by the borrower.
  • Loss of Library materials must be brought to the notice of the Librarian. Books damaged or lost will be replaced by the borrower with latest edition available; else he/she must pay the Market price for the same.
  • Reader shall not write upon, mark on and stain the library material, disfigure, tear and damage books.
  • Borrower must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of books at the time of borrowing the books and any defect or damage observed should be brought immediately to the notice of the counter staff.
  • Reference books, rare books, periodicals publications will not be issued for home lending.  They must be returned to the library before leaving the library.
  • Book may be lent for shorter period.
  • If a student is found in habit of constant retaining the books for more than stipulated period the library facility shall be suspended for him/her for seven days.
  • The removal of any material from the library must be properly authorized and recorded.  Damage to, or unauthorized removal of material constitutes a serious offence and the nature of fine will depend upon the offence.
  • Books or other material taken from the stacks should not be re shelved by the readers but should be left on the table.  Please remember that a book misplaced is a book lost.
  • The Mark sheets may be withheld until all library materials have been returned and outstanding fines/charges are paid.

Other Rules:

For reason of security, bags and other personal belongings should not be left unattended.  The library will not be responsible in case of damage or theft of personal property.

Silence is required in study areas.  Loud conversation, standing in groups, discussions etc. are not allowed.  The use of mobile phones in the library is strictly prohibited.  Failure to comply with these requirements may result in suspension of library facilities or exclusion from the library.

Smoking, consumption of food and drink (with the exception of bottled water) and the use of personal audio equipment are not permitted in the library.



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