10th International Business Research Conference


Gist of the Event

International Business Research Conference is gives a common platform for professors, students and researchers, academicians, consultants as well as successful business magnates to present, discuss and derive new thoughts and exploit creative thinking on any open topic relating to the business in today’s dynamic world. This was the 10th International business research conference held in IES MCRC. The Faculty in charge of this event are Dr. Aradhana Goutam and Dr. Svetlana Tatuskar


Activities Undertaken for IBRC 2017

There were number of activities undertaken in order to make IBRC event possible on 17th February, 2017. These activities have been enlisted below.

  1. Meetings
  • It all started with our seniors and Professors explaining students about this event and how it is conducted.
  • The meetings were held in regular intervals for evaluation and goal setting for all the teams. Besides this, seniors share their experience and tell how it could be made better.
  • Every year there is a particular theme of the event. The theme was “Business Strategies in the VUCA world”.
  • The teams were made to conduct the activities smoothly and proper coordination.


  1. Designing of pamphlets/ flyers and brochures
  • There are 2 flyers designed. The first one is designed for distribution to participants which included the details of the event, the competition under it and venue. This is done for the participants 4 months prior to the event.
  • The other brochure is designed for the colleges where we had to get participants for competitions in our event.


  1. Finding the sponsorship
  • Since the event was targeted towards students, professors and research scholars, accordingly possible source of sponsorship were identified.
  • Banks, financial institution, educational institutions like classes and travel agencies were approached for sponsorship. For this, we had been divided into groups so as to cover larger area.


  1. Identification of the colleges to be targeted for this event
  • The theme being related to business and commerce had opened its portal for both undergraduate and post graduate students.
  • Number of Management College as well as arts and commerce colleges from south Mumbai to suburbs were identified where flyers had to be distributed.
  • The colleges needed to be visited at least 3 to 4 times and there was a need to have a point of contact with a responsible person from the college. This could be a professor in charge of external activities or a class representative. This had usually taken for a month.


  1. Logistics
  • Materials right from the stage equipment to banners and stationery had to be arranged for the auditorium, classes and seminar hall.
  • We also had to get these items arranged like the bouquet; banners of sponsorship, materials for participants had to be arranged along with the judges in every class.


  1. Dry Run/ Practice sessions
  • Weeks before the event itself, we started to prepare for the speech, the introduction of our guests and other members of the panel.
  • The order/ conduct of the event and
  • Which team member would assist the guests and judges’ right from their arrival to their lunch until the event concludes.

This whole preparation of event literally took up 3-4 months. In this entire process, the team members were accommodated for their expenses incurred and division and delegation of responsibilities helped in efficient conduct of the event as a whole.



On 17th February, 2017


Day / Date:  Friday, 17th February 2017.


Time:   From 9.30 am to 5.30 pm


Venue:  Inaugural Session: IES Manik Sabhagriha


             Post inaugural Session: IESMCRC Seminar hall



The event was attended by 25 faculty members 250 students and students and participants of other institutes.

Our list of esteemed guests included:

  • Chief Guest, Shri Gautam. E. Thakur, Chairman, The Saraswat Co-op Bank Ltd.
  • Mr. Satish Ghogre, Head Corporate IR, Mahindra and Mahindra
  • Mr. Ranjan Mishra, V.P Human Resources, Vodafone India Ltd.
  • Dr. Aditya Srinivasan, COO BSE Brokers Forum
  • Mr. Rajesh Verma, Head Treasury, DCB Bank

And Alumni:

  • Ms Jhansi D’souza- Head HR at Laferge Holcim
  • Mrs Grishma shah ,Research analyst at Malabar Investment Advisors


Flow of the programme


  • The programme was held in Manik Sabagriha, at 9:30 am. The guests and panel members were introduced and they shared their view about the current trends of business in VUCA world. 
  • Followed by a short break the participants and judges were directed to their respective rooms to present their papers before the judges and panel members.
  • This was followed by the lunch session before they could advance. While the papers were being presented, the students who had enrolled for the competition had started jotting their ideas into the canvas. The idea was to depict the business strategies in VUCA world through a poster.
  • Post the break the programme concluded at the Seminar Hall with the valedictory session where the best faculty papers were awarded the prizes in the first, second and third category. Directors addressed everyone about the importance and learning from the event an d its theme. There were competitions for the students- Poster competition and the students were conferred cash prizes and certificates. Select papers were published in the Journal of Business and Management.


This Conference was successful in stimulating ideas and elevating the current standards of management through interaction with the leading Corporate Houses. The conference was appreciated for its hospitality, Professionalism and more ever the knowledge that poured out of the deliberations. The conference was well cherished and all the delegates commented that the conference was bigger and better this time. Our Conference sponsors were DCB Bank.



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