Grievances Redressal

Procedure for Grievances:

  1. Receiving online grievances – Us/Grievance Redressal 
  2. Students / employee / other stakeholders can fill the forms through website and submit.
  3. The grievances will be received by the Convener - Grievances Committee under intimation to Director and Registrar
  4. Grievances Redressal Committee will address the grievances
  5. Convener - Grievance Committee will consolidate all complaints and will call special meeting in case of urgent matter or will discuss the cases in monthly meeting and will dispose the grievances.  If required, a hearing will be arranged and concern person will be called for hearing
  6. Convener will minute the report of disposal of grievances and maintain the record
  7. Convener will prepare the report on disposal of grievances, take approval of Director and send it to AICTE by email every month as per the guidelines.
  8. Reply will be sent to concern person for his / her grievances
  9. The College will maintain records of all the grievances received and their settlement.



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