There's a saying in India, "Athithi Devo Bhava", which means "the guest is God". Indians consider it a huge honour to have guests in their home, and go out of their way to please them. Home to a vibrant cultural history, the country has always been a destination that held mystical charm to it.

Today, the index for industrial production (IIP), in India, has expanded driven by growth in consumer goods that increased by 5.2 per cent in 2012. In terms of industries, 12 of the 22 industry groups in the manufacturing sector have shown positive growth. The Indian Economy, focusing on sustainable development in all sectors has achieved a steady increment in GDP and Per Capita Income even as the world reels in the after-effects of the recession.

As the Indian economy shows a steady growth, countries across the globe look to gain a bird’s eye view of the booming industrial sector. With domestic companies raising their production standards, and foreign investors also seeking to enter the Indian market, Indian B-schools try to position themselves as global brands and foreign institutions vie to study the developing economy in depth.

To cater to this need IES Management College & Research Centre spearheaded the Corporate India Tour (CIT) initiative. It is a platform for foreign institutes to get a sneak peek into the workings of corporate India through the industry interface between IES and the various corporate houses, with productions in India. The event allows foreign students to directly interact with leaders of industry in India and gain insight about the functioning of conglomerates within this rapidly developing nation.

The Indian Education Society, has special focus on external collaboration through the “Acme of Corporate Excellence (ACE)” program, newly initiated at IES.

Through cultural exchanges with foreign management institutions the ACE@IES wing, aims at crossing borders with student exchange programs, faculty exchanges and inter-country research exchange programs. Through the inter-mingling of creativity with some of the best minds over the world, IES strives to bring Indian value based education into the 21st century. With the Corporate India Tour at the forefront of this endeavor, IES has taken the 1st step to bridge the gap between industry amd academia.


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