Mr.Satish M. Lotlikar

Message From the Chairman IES MCRC

With speedily changing business environment where managers face new challenges every day, there is a need for global exposure in various managerial areas. We are glad that our collaboration with School of Business- FHNW has made us vibrant and is a whopping success. Corporate India Tour one of the facets of our alliance with FHNW has opened the doors of new learnings for both the institutes.

Prof. Dr. Uta Milow, Dy. Director, FNHW

Message from the Dy. Director, School of business, FNHW

For the last three years a number of students of the School of Business, one of nine Schools of the FHNW University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, visited IES Management College and Research Center (IESMCRC). The study trip gave the students and us, as also accompanying faculty, deep insights into the way of doing business in India.

We visited over 25 large companies from very different industries since 2010. We experienced several different production lines, learned how valuable space in the city can be transformed from a slum area into apartments and a business area, and more importantly how large businesses in India will soon be pronounced Global giants.

The other and equally important and interesting parts of every study trip were lectures held at the IES Campus. A variety of different topics was covered, like education, the stock exchange and others.

The students especially enjoyed the focus on leadership and strategic decisions during their meetings with top managements of Indian companies. EMBA of FHNW, the degree being pursued by our students, is an advanced education for professionals who have already gained a degree in a non-economic area. The students are engineers, lawyers and so on. There is a broad variety of professions represented in the EMBA courses. The EMBA programme offers a training for Swiss and international business. Therefore International Management Modules are part of the programmes. They include a tour to a foreign country to–

- Learn about doing business in an international context
- Learn about cross cultural communication and management,
- To find differences and similarities to our Swiss way of doing business
- Getting to know foreign companies and managers.

FHNW faculty and students have visited India for over three consecutive years and every time the programme was very well done with great expertise organized by the IES-team. Since 2012 we visit businesses in 2 cities viz. Mumbai and Pune. The FHNW students being professionals, the tour did not exceed the timeframe of one week. But this one week is very intensive; the expectations mentioned above were fully met year after year. We are already planning the next visit in March 2013.

Prof. (Dr.) Dinesh D. Harsolekare

The Director Speaks

I am very proud to say that IES Management College & Research Centre has collaborated with University of Applied Sciences Northwestern, Switzerland (FHNW) in various areas and we have made significant progress. More importantly this collaboration has given opportunity for both the institutions to share and learn cultural diversity. The students of FHNW have been visiting high-profile companies and also hands-on experience about doing business in India. Through CIT, IES students got a chance to interact with Swiss counterparts.

Prof. Parag V. Mahulikar

The Dean’s Insight

In the complex and constantly changing business environment, we endeavor to differentiate our students from other B school students by offering them the latest in management education by interacting with the industry and foreign universities. We at IES MCRC are planning to offer E-MBA programme in International Management in association with FHNW, Switzerland. We are confident to achieve our big hairy audacious goal of becoming the Harvard of the east


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