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For the past two years IESMCRC in collaboration with University of Applied Sciences Northwestern, Switzerland (FHNW) is arranging a “Corporate India Tour” for making the Swiss delegates aware of how the business is done in India. Year 2010 was the first year which was a grand success followed with 2011. In 2011 delegates from FHNW visited Corporate world of India from 13th February to 18th February, 2011.

The tour Included various corporate interactions with the top management of some of the finest companies of India namely Godrej, Rolta India, Ackruti City Ltd, EISAI Pharma, Staples Future, Mahindra &Mahindra, Shipping Corporation of India (SCI), and SBI Caps.

In addition with corporate tour, culture of India in form of various cultural dance was also presented to Swiss delegates on 14th February with the event named “Spirit of Vibrant India” to give the Swiss delegates a glimpse of Indian culture. On the last day of their visit the students from Switzerland made group presentations about each of the visits to various corporate to the Director, Dean and other senior faculty of IESMCRC.

All in all it was a great experience for both IESMCRC and the Swiss delegates


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