Mr.Satish M. Lotlikar

Message From the Chairman IES MCRC

With speedily changing business environment where managers face new challenges every day, there is a need for global exposure in various managerial areas. We are glad that our collaboration with School of Business- FHNW has made us vibrant and is a whopping success. Corporate India Tour one of the facets of our alliance with FHNW has opened the doors of new learnings for both the institutes.

Prof. Dr. Uta Milow, Dy. Director, FNHW

Message from the Dy. Director, School of business, FNHW

For the last three years a number of students of the School of Business, one of nine Schools of the FHNW University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, visited IES Management College and Research Center (IESMCRC). The study trip gave the students and us, as also accompanying faculty, deep insights into the way of doing business in India.

We visited over 25 large companies from very different industries since 2010. We experienced several different production lines, learned how valuable space in the city can be transformed from a slum area into apartments and a business area, and more importantly how large businesses in India will soon be pronounced Global giants.

The other and equally important and interesting parts of every study trip were lectures held at the IES Campus. A variety of different topics was covered, like education, the stock exchange and others.

The students especially enjoyed the focus on leadership and strategic decisions during their meetings with top managements of Indian companies. EMBA of FHNW, the degree being pursued by our students, is an advanced education for professionals who have already gained a degree in a non-economic area. The students are engineers, lawyers and so on. There is a broad variety of professions represented in the EMBA courses. The EMBA programme offers a training for Swiss and international business. Therefore International Management Modules are part of the programmes. They include a tour to a foreign country to–

- Learn about doing business in an international context
- Learn about cross cultural communication and management,
- To find differences and similarities to our Swiss way of doing business
- Getting to know foreign companies and managers.

FHNW faculty and students have visited India for over three consecutive years and every time the programme was very well done with great expertise organized by the IES-team. Since 2012 we visit businesses in 2 cities viz. Mumbai and Pune. The FHNW students being professionals, the tour did not exceed the timeframe of one week. But this one week is very intensive; the expectations mentioned above were fully met year after year. We are already planning the next visit in March 2013.


Students in IES-MCRC are encouraged to organize many events and activities on their own to help them become better professionals. With this objective, students’ clubs have been set up.



Going by the Mission statement of IES-MCRC we have a firm belief that a management graduate cannot become a successful manager unless he is socially sensitive. IES-MCRC encourages students to participate in many community development services. These activities help students see the picture of the real world. The community development services are undertaken through CSR projects and a specially created cell called – RYTHM.


IES MCRC “Vishwakarma” M.D. Lotlikar Vidya Sankul,
Opposite Lilavati Hospital, 791, S. K. Marg, Bandra Reclamation, Mumbai - 400 050




Prof. (Dr.) Dinesh D. Harsolekare

The Director Speaks

I am very proud to say that IES Management College & Research Centre has collaborated with University of Applied Sciences Northwestern, Switzerland (FHNW) in various areas and we have made significant progress. More importantly this collaboration has given opportunity for both the institutions to share and learn cultural diversity. The students of FHNW have been visiting high-profile companies and also hands-on experience about doing business in India. Through CIT, IES students got a chance to interact with Swiss counterparts.


The Centre of Excellence for Leadership and Entrepreneurship was launched in 2010 with the intention of grooming our students to become leaders and entrepreneurs. The centre aims to develop into a hub for education research and training on all issues related to leadership and entrepreneurship. Various programmes based on principles of collaborative and competitive learning are arranged for students to expose them to live in situations which help them evaluate and test their leadership and entrepreneurial ideas and hone their skills. Visits, research based projects, guest lectures, student competitions and interaction with entrepreneurs are organized throughout the year. Alumni entrepreneurs are invited to share their business journeys and challenges and provide an entrepreneurial orientation to students.


As part of leadership and teamwork module, IES-MCRC students also participate in outbound training programme. This outbound activity gives them an opportunity to enjoy adventure sports and learn management concepts through these activities. The module was jointly designed by IES and Empower Activity Camps, Kolad, with a two-fold objective: Enhancing human effectiveness and inculcating leadership and team-work skills. The training involves management games intertwined with on-field training exercises. This inculcates a strong sense of achievement orientation and exposure to real life team situations

Market Makerz (Marketing Club)

in-FIN-it-IES (Finance Club)

HR Matrix (HR Club)



With the purpose of giving real life experience to students, IES-MCRC does not restrict itself only to summer internship projects. As part of the curriculum students are encouraged to undertake many live projects with industry. Special slots are created in the time-table to enable students to spend time with industry to work on these projects.


Leveraging the vast industry experience of faculty, IES-MCRC offers consultancy services to many industries. Also, Management Development Programmes are conducted for industry executives. Apart from disseminating the knowledge this interaction helps our faculty to gain insights into the current industry trends as well as network with industry professionals.


IES-MCRC organizes many conferences and small seminars. Through these events, students get an opportunity to interact with industry professionals. People from industry are invited as speakers in these events and share their experiences. Apart from this the College also creates a lot of other small occasions on which industry experts could be invited to interact with students.


To improve the employability of our students we take a number of steps. One of the important activities is to conduct mock interviews with full participation by industry professionals. These interviews are conducted with the purpose of giving meaningful inputs to the students about the areas where they need improvement. This experience goes a long way in helping students perform better when they go for campus recruitment process.


All the first year students of IES-MCRC are required to undertake CSR projects as part of their curriculum. These projects are done either with the CSR departments of corporate houses or NGOs. Every student spends at least 40 hours on such projects. Through these projects they get opportunities to meet people who are always in need of support from the society. At the end of the project the students are required to write a report and give presentation which is evaluated by the faculty members along with industry people under whose guidance the projects are completed.


IES-MCRC was among the few institutes who pioneered the mentoring programme for its students. The system has now well established. Under the mentoring programme all the students are attached to faculty mentors. The mentor / mentee relationship goes beyond academics and career guidance. A sincere effort is made to create a culture wherein mentor / mentee bonding becomes very strong and mentees freely interact with their mentors. “A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could go because someone else thought that they could”. This is exactly what the mentors do because they identify the strengths of their mentees and work on those strengths. This works as a great encouragement for the mentees to do their best to succeed in life. The mentors provide necessary guidance to their mentees and direct them to the right path by motivating them at each and every step. The mentor / mentee relationship in IES-MCRC is so effective that even after completing the programme, many of the alumni look for guidance of their mentors.

Guest Lecture

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Guest Lecture ( AY 2016-17)  

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CIT 2010 CIT 2011 CIT 2012 CIT 2013


Corporate India tour (CIT) is an initiative by IES Management College & Research Centre, Bandra, Mumbai. It facilitates B-schools from across the globe to understand Indian business culture and provides them with a platform to interact with Indian corporate houses.

India is a market of Interest for various Businesses and Management Schools as a subject of growth and development that has been seen and will continue to be seen in India. It is a new way for foreign B-schools to learn and understand how Business is conducted in India. Through this process, B-school students achieve creativity and strategic learning about management of Companies and solving various problems in a more effective way by means of discussions over various issues with top management authority of Indian giants.

FHNW, Switzerland is a top rated university in Europe. It is a merger of 9 universities and has a School of Business which has ventures in China & Vietnam. EISMCRC has an alliance for over five years with School of Business- FHNW through which there is an exchange of Faculty & students. CIT 2010 was the first one set up by IES for FHNW and was a great success with a contingent of Swiss faculty and student delegates of FHNW Switzerland visiting India and taking away great learning from here, followed with CIT 2011 with was also a whopping success.. CIT 2012 will take this learning to a higher level and snure better integration.

IES MCRC acts as a facilitator and coordinates meeting and interactive sessions for Swiss delegate.s with leading companies in India. This is indeed an enriching session for both the Swiss students and companies.



Godrej was founded by Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Godrej in 1897, Lalbaug, Mumbai. Ardeshir Godrej, lawyer-turned-locksmith, was a persistent inventor and a strong visionary who could see the spark in the future. His inventions, manufactured by his brother Pirojsha Godrej, were the foundation of today’s Godrej Empire. It operates in sectors such as real estate, consumer products, industrial engineering.

Godrej’s products include Locks, security systems, word processors, rocket launchers, refrigerators, furniture, outsourcing services, machine tools, process equipment, cosmetics, detergents, engineering workstations, medical diagnostics, aerospace equipment, edible oils and chemical, car perfumes, chicken, agri-products, material handling equipment, access equipment’s etc.

IES Management College was instrumental in bringing students from FHNW to meet the Godrej Management team, since 2010. The Corporate India Tour of IES provided FHNW a unique platform for exposing their students to the working of Godrej and how core Indian values are used in the everyday management of Godrej.

Godrej had organized plant visits to show case technology and other interactive presentations about evolution of Godrej and its relevance in India today. The FHNW students were also exposed to how Godrej is following an excellence model. Mr. G. Sundaraman, Senior Vice President-Disruptive Innovations, mentioned “The Godrej team observed that FHNW students are keen learners and showed interest in its operations and posed challenging questions from time to time. Mr. Inderpal Singh, Past President of PED (Process Equipment Division) , expressed that Godrej is eager to continue interactions with FHNW & IES.

During the visit to Godrej’s Mangrove, Dr. Uta Milow, Dy Director- School of Business, FHNW, also mentioned that she is “amazingly impressed” with the green initiatives and deep social & ecological values shown by Godrej. “We are impressed with IES Management College’s pioneering effort in organizing Corporate India Tour for over three years in succession and playing a catalytic role between industry and academia.” - Ms Nalini Kala (Manager-Godrej)

Prof. Parag V. Mahulikar

The Dean’s Insight

In the complex and constantly changing business environment, we endeavor to differentiate our students from other B school students by offering them the latest in management education by interacting with the industry and foreign universities. We at IES MCRC are planning to offer E-MBA programme in International Management in association with FHNW, Switzerland. We are confident to achieve our big hairy audacious goal of becoming the Harvard of the east


There's a saying in India, "Athithi Devo Bhava", which means "the guest is God". Indians consider it a huge honour to have guests in their home, and go out of their way to please them. Home to a vibrant cultural history, the country has always been a destination that held mystical charm to it.

Today, the index for industrial production (IIP), in India, has expanded driven by growth in consumer goods that increased by 5.2 per cent in 2012. In terms of industries, 12 of the 22 industry groups in the manufacturing sector have shown positive growth. The Indian Economy, focusing on sustainable development in all sectors has achieved a steady increment in GDP and Per Capita Income even as the world reels in the after-effects of the recession.

As the Indian economy shows a steady growth, countries across the globe look to gain a bird’s eye view of the booming industrial sector. With domestic companies raising their production standards, and foreign investors also seeking to enter the Indian market, Indian B-schools try to position themselves as global brands and foreign institutions vie to study the developing economy in depth.

To cater to this need IES Management College & Research Centre spearheaded the Corporate India Tour (CIT) initiative. It is a platform for foreign institutes to get a sneak peek into the workings of corporate India through the industry interface between IES and the various corporate houses, with productions in India. The event allows foreign students to directly interact with leaders of industry in India and gain insight about the functioning of conglomerates within this rapidly developing nation.

The Indian Education Society, has special focus on external collaboration through the “Acme of Corporate Excellence (ACE)” program, newly initiated at IES.

Through cultural exchanges with foreign management institutions the ACE@IES wing, aims at crossing borders with student exchange programs, faculty exchanges and inter-country research exchange programs. Through the inter-mingling of creativity with some of the best minds over the world, IES strives to bring Indian value based education into the 21st century. With the Corporate India Tour at the forefront of this endeavor, IES has taken the 1st step to bridge the gap between industry amd academia.

Under these clubs, students organize many competitions, presentations, guest lectures, etc. to provide a platform to students to showcase their learning and applications of their domain knowledge. In some cases the competitions are not restricted only to IES-MCRC students and students from other institutions are also invited to participate.


Every quarter, IES-MCRC publishes a newsletter giving information on all the activities happening in the College. This newsletter works as an effective channel of establishing communication link with industry, alumni, universities and colleges. Apart from reporting on events and activities, the newsletter is also used to highlight the achievements of students and faculty members.

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IES-MCRC believes in continuous updation of the curriculum to keep it current as per industry requirements. There is a faculty committee to work on the curriculum revision. However, there is also an involvement of and participation by industry experts in this process. Senior industry experts are invited to deliberate on the issue of curriculum and the revision takes place only after incorporating their suggestions.


Industry Visit

With the purpose of giving real life exposure to students, many industry visits are organized. When students visit these industries the senior executives take them around and explain to them all the processes. This experience gives a significant insight to the students.


RYTHM is a voluntary community development cell created by IES-MCRC students. Unlike CSR projects, students work on voluntary basis in this cell under the guidance of faculty members. RYTHM cell organizes many activities which fall in the category of community development services. Some of the examples of these activities are blood donation camp, social awareness seminar, tree plantation, visiting and spending time in old age homes and orphanages, organizing anti-smoking campaign, holding seminar on gender sensitization, etc.


Going by the value system of IES of maintaining transparency and openness, IES-MCRC does not involve only faculty and staff in its administration but students also get this opportunity. There is a 'Student Council' consisting of Class Representatives of all the programmes. This Council meets the Director and some senior faculty members every month to discuss the academic and administrative issues. Through this forum, students get an opportunity to express their view-points. All the good suggestions coming out of these meetings are implemented by the management so that students develop confidence in the systems and procedures of the College.


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