Katrap Vidyalaya ,SCHOOL (Marathi Medium)

SR No.
1. Name of the School with address and phone number IES Katrap Vidyalaya (Mar.Med.) 25/26’ Chhaya Co-Op Hsg. Soc. Katrap Kulgaon Badlapur -421 503
2. Whether aided / unaided Aided Std. VIII To X
3. Governed by which law? The Maharashtra Employees of Private Schools ( conditions of Service ) Regulation Act, 1977 and M.E.P.S. Rules , 1981
4. Notifications and government Resolutions issued by the Government and/or Education Dept. from time to time

(*) These documents are available in Education Dept – Website:-
5. Composition of Management
  1. Shri A.B. Vaidya-President
  2. Shri Manohar D. Lotlikar,
    Vice President & Chief Executive Officer
  3. Shri R.M. Donde-Vice President
  4. Smt. Achala Joshi,TRUSTEE
  5. Shri Satish R. Nayak-Trustee
  6. Shri Amol P.Dhamdhere-Hon Secretary
  7. Smt. Vijaya Wagh - Superintendent
  8. Prof. V. K. Sinha – Member
  9. Smt. Meenal Mohadikar – Member
  10. Shri. Ramesh Katkar – Member
  11. Shri. Suhas G. Rege -Member
  12. Shri. Shaunak B. Satpute – Member
  13. Shri. Gajanan V. Samant - Member
  14. Shri. Sagar Sule – Member
  15. Shri. Shailendra Gharse – Member
  16. Dr. Rajiv Joshi – Member
  17. Smt. Doctor Datta – Head’s Representative
  18. Smt. Gandhali Shetye – Teacher’s Representative
  19. Smt. Smita Deshmukh – Teacher’s Representative
6. Name of the School Committee Chairman Mr. Gajanan Samant
7. School Committee members and Designation
  1. Mr. Gajanan Samant- Chairman
  2. Mr. Manohar Lotlikar-Member
  3. Dr.Pramod Bhogaonkar-Member
  4. Dr. Umesh Patkar-Member
  5. Mr. D. B. Walunj –H.M.
  6. Mrs. R. M. Mishal -Tr.Repre. (Sec.)
8. Names, address, phone Numbers, etc
  1. Shri. Gajanan Samant (Chairman)
    B,Bal Govind Hsg. Soc. Taikal Wadi Rd. Mahim Mumbai-400 016
  2. Shri. Manohar Lotlikar G-1 Gajanan co-op Hsg. Soc. Lt.
    Dilip Gupte Marg, Mahim, Mumbai.
  3. Dr. Pramod Bhogawkar Anusuya apartment , Station Rd. Kulgaon, Badlapur Sation Thane-421503
  4. Dr. Umesh Patkar Nirmal Nursing Home , Pusharkaj Co-op. Hsg. Opp. Z.P. School, Gandhi Chowk,Kulgaon Thane-421 503
  5. Shri. Dattaram B. Walunj Aishwarya Co-op. Hsg. Soc. F8/0:4 Sector – 7 Sanpada, Navi Mumbai Mob. No. 9820493262
  6. Smt. R. M. Mishal Madhuban Plot No. 2 Behind Rawal Complex, Katrap Badlapur (E) Mob. No 9226112025
a. Information officer and Designation Mr. Dattaram B. Walunj Head Master (Secondary)
b. Asstt. Information Officer and Designation NIL
c. Appellate authority and Designation Hon. Secretary Indian Education Society
d. Grievance, Redressal and Mechanism Grievance are reported to the Principal (or Supervisor in case of unavailability of the principal) through a formal letter / personal talk Grievances are heard, referred and answered by the Principal depending upon the nature, severity of the complaint if needed which can not be resolved instantly or require legal notice they are related to the management via school committee or chairman.
(i) Complaint :- address to whom? To the Principal, Chairman, IES (depending upon complaint)
e. Decision making process Depending upon the nature and scope or concerned matter, decisions are taken by the Principal or management. Academic council, examination committee, discipline committee in the school assist in certain decision making in the school level.
9. Names of Parents- Teachers Association P.T.A. of IES Katrap Vidyalaya, Secondary Marathi Med.,Katrap Badlapur(E)
10. Address of School 25-26 Chhaya Co-op.Hsg. Soc. Kulgaon Badlapur 421 503
10. School timing (Marathi Medium) 07 to 12.10
A. Working hours (session vise) 6 - Hours
B. School hours with recess 5 Hours
C. Office hours 7 Hours
11. School timing (English Medium) -
A. Working hours (session vise) -
B. School hours with recess -
C. Office hours NIL
12. Standards
No. of Divisions
No. of students
VI    IX    X
2    2    2
109    147    138

Staff approved by the Government.

  1. Head Master
  2. Assst. Head
  3. Supervisor
  4. Trained graduate Teachers
  5. Trained under graduate Teachers
  6. Special Teachers
  7. Superintendent
  8. Head Clerk
  9. Sr. Clerks
  10. Jr. Clerks
  11. Librarians
  12. Lab Asstt.
  13. Lab Attendant
  14. Peons / Naik and Class IV servants
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4.5 -
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01 -
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Staff provided by the Management

  1. Aaya
  2. Security Guard
  3. Watchman
15. School Committee -
16. Sports Commitee -
17. Rate of Fees for per month (fees approved by Education Dept) Aided Division – No. Fees Unaided Rs. 450/- p.m. Unaided Fees not approved by the division Edu. Dept.
18. Fees approved by parents teachers association if yes, date of meeting P.T.A 13th April 2010
19. Fees approved by the Management letter dated -
20. Fees approved by Education Dept. letter dated (Present position) No, Because the division of unaided section not recognized.
21. Additional facilities provided to students by the Management Genretor Charges Per Child Rs. 150/- per annum.
22. Budget         
A. Details of Accounts Inspection Audit – Cash Books, Daily Fees collection , Ledger, was checked by Auditor.
B. Statutory auditors K.R. Khare & Co. Chartered Accountants
C. Adopted by Society K.R. Khare & Co. Chartered Accountants
D. Education Dept only in aided school -
23. Status of School Building RCC Construction
A. No. of Floors 03
B. No. of Class Rooms 08
C. Property in whose names Indian Education Society
D. Description of the Property Land situated at Moje Katrap, Tahsil Ambernath, Dist. Thane, Kulgaon Badlapur, Survey No.16, Hissa No.1, admeasuring 1672.26 sq.mtrs.
E. Rent -
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