rules & regulations

School Timings and attendance of students

1. The school works in two sessions:
a. Morning Session [ENGLISH MEDIUM]: For Std. I to X [6.55am to 12.30 pm]
b. Afternoon Session [MARATHI MEDIUM]: For Std. I to X [12.40 pm to 6.20 pm ]
2. The school may have to change timings on certain occasions and shall intimate the students well in advance.
3. The students should be present in their respective classes at least ten minutes before the prayer begins and immediately after the recess is over. Late arrivals in these cases are liable for action.
4. The students are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises during school hours. No permission shall be granted, except for genuine reasons, arising out of emergency, to go home. In such cases either of the parent or the guardian should collect their ward from the school. Parents should take a gate pass from the school office which has to be submitted to the security at the Gate. Students will not be allowed to leave the school premises without a gate pass.
5. 75% attendance per term is compulsory for each student and in the absence of which the student shall be refused permission for appearing his / her exam or for promotion to the next class.
6. Parents are requested to refrain from sending their children to school when the children are suffering from infections or contagious disease including conjunctivitis.
7. If a student remains absent in the school due to reason arising out of emergency then he/she should submit the leave note duly signed by parents as soon as he/she resumes the school.
8. If a student remains absent without seeking permission of the school for reason known to him/her or fails to submit leave note in case of reasons arising out of emergency, he/she is liable for action.


Students should wear clean and tidy uniforms strictly according to the instructions given by the school. Wearing identity-card is a must for all the students before entering the school premises.


Wearing proper footwear is mandatory for all students including students of standard X.


1. Boys should have a close haircut. Long hair, coloured hair will not be allowed in the school.
2. If the girls have long hair, they should tie two plaits with black coloured ribbon. In case of short hair black coloured hair band should be used.

General instructions

1. Mobiles, ipads, cameras, tablets, musical device and other such electronic gadgets are banned in the school premises.
2. Students should not bring cash, jewellery or any such other costly material to the school.
3. If a student is found indulged in the damage of school’s property or equipment therein, parents will have to bear the cost of the material damaged.
4. Students’ behavior in and outside the school should be decent and any complaints regarding the same from other students or parents or well-wishers of the school, are liable for action, if found to be true on verification.
5. Students displaying indecent writing/pictures/comments about school or persons related to school, on electronic media, are liable for action.
6. Students should not run, play in the classrooms or corridors or staircases. It may harm them and others.
7. No littering should take place in the school-premises. Students should use dustbins.

Note: Please refer the students’ calendar for detail instructions.