• For Boys :
      • Lemon yellow printed short shirt with side cuts. Border on both sides and navy blue pants with elastic. Navy blue socks with black shoes.
    • For Girls :
      • Lemon yellow printed A lined frock with a pocket and border on both sides. Navy blue socks with black shoes.


    • Boys should have a close hair cut. Girls with long hair should put two plaits with navy blue ribbons. Girls with short hair should wear a navy blue hairband. Plastic hairband will not be allowed.


    • If a child remains absent from KG, he/she should carry a note from the parents/guardians indicating the reason for the absence, the next day when the child attends the KG. If absence is to be of more than 2 to 3 days, the parents/guardians should write to the KG about it in advance. In case of absence due to illness ,a medical certificate along with the note should be sent to the Head.
    • It is advisable not to send children suffering from an infectious disease to KG. A doctor’s fitness certificate should be sent with him/her when he/she rejoins the KG after such illness.
    • Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence for more than seven days, habitual illness justify dismissal of the child.
    • A child who has been absent from the KG or is late will not be admitted to the class without the Head’s permission.


    • The parents/guardians are requested to leave their children/wards at the entrance of the KG.
    • When children move along the corridors, they are expected to walk in silence and in a single line keeping to the left.
    • Children are not allowed to wear any ornaments or bring any valuable article to KG. The KG will not be responsible for the loss of any such articles.
    • Personal hygiene and cleanliness is expected of all children.



  • School Uniform etc. :

    • Each pupil must have at least 2 sets of uniforms with school belt. School Uniform is compulsory for school attendance all school function i.e. inter-school and intra school competitions, school picnics, external examinations etc.
    • For Girls : Top (Shirts) spy tone plain yellow with puff sleeve. (Length of sleeves-Not less than 5 cm. above the elbows)
    • For pinafore : Light and dark interwoven checks suiting (Length of pinafore-Not less than 1 c.m. above the knee)
    • For Boys : Top (Shirt) spy tone yellow with piping on sleeves and collar (pant material) (Length of shirt & sleeves-Not less than 5 cm above the elbows)
    • For pant : Half pant with light and dark brown interwoven/checks suiting. Length of pants should not be more than 1 c.m above the knees.
    • Shirts should be buttoned right up to the collar button. Boy shirts to be tucked in to the shorts neatly.
    • Students should wear the ID card with the ‘Red’ strap provided by school.

  • Foot wear :

    • Pupils should wear all weather black shoes with Brown cotton socks with yellow bands from June to April. Socks should be at least 5 inches above the ankles bones for both the boys & girls and should be worn at full stretch.

  • Hair style :

    • For Boys - should have a crew cut. No Mohawk /layered cuts, No hair coloring.
    • For Girls : Two plaits with lime yellow ribbons with long hair or a lime yellow hair band for girls with short hair. No extra finishing, No tattoos. No hair coloring.
    • Nails must be kept short and clean. No nail coloring or polish.

  • For Boys & Girls :

    • No perming of hair, No tattoos, No hair coloring, No extra piercing anywhere on the body. No wearing or bringing ornaments – Gold / Silver / precious metals / artificial jewelry. No cellular phone.

  • Attendance and absence :

    • Regular attendance with a compulsory minimum attendance of 75% is required. In case of unsatisfactory / irregular attendance, it is expected that parents will take extra efforts at home to ensure satisfactory progress of the student and to update the students on the lessons.
    • The school‘s first bell rings 10 minutes before the school begins. Pupils should be in their seats before the first bell.
    • Pupils will not be permitted to leave the school premises till the school working hours are over.
    • Parents are requested not to send a pupil suffering from an infectious disease to school. A medical certificate certifying that the child is free from Infection, from registered medical practitioner submitted to the class teacher, when she/he rejoins school after such illness.
    • If a pupil has to remain absent, prior permission from the Head will have to be obtained. If a pupil is absent from school for unavoidable reasons, he/she should produce a note from his/her guardian/parents on the day he/she attends school indicating the reason for his/her absence.
    • The parents will be solely responsible for ensuring the students get updated on the studies lost due to their absence.
    • A pupil will not be sent home before the scheduled time of closure of the school, without the parents/guardians written note, which has to be approved by the class Teacher.

  • Discipline :

    • All pupils should bring the books to school according to their daily time table. Parents are to ensure no extra books/notebooks are sent to the school.
    • The parents of the pupils identified as damaging school property will be required to pay recovery compensation. The decision of the Head shall be final and binding in such matters.
    • Pupils moving from one place to another or to the playground or while going up and down the stairs should always move in a single line in a disciplined manner without making any noise. Carrying mobile phones by students inside the school premises is prohibited.

  • Special Information :

    • Guardians/Parents are not allowed to see pupils or teachers during school hours. School teachers or Head can be contacted regarding the ward’s progress at the appointed timing as fixed by the school.
    • No pocket money should be given to the pupils.
    • No gifts should be given to the class teacher or any staff member for any reason such as birthdays etc.



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