Work Experience 2022-23

Annual Gathering 2022-23

Sports 2022-23

Special Day 2022-23

Competitions 2022-23

Festivals 2022-23

Activity 2022-23

Fire Station 2022-23

Independence Day 2022-23

Father's Day 2022-23

Mothers Day 2022-23

Amrit Mahotsav of India Independence

  • Student activity for Amrit Mahotsav of India Independence.

Annual Gathering

  • To showcase students talent and opportunity to express.

Educational Excursion & Learing with experience

  • Learning by visiting sites.
  • Experiencing what is practiced.

Festivals are fun.

  • Introduction to our culture and tradition.
  • Social and environmental awareness.
  • Group activity.
  • Aesthetic sense.
  • Celebrations are fun.

Fathers' Day & Mothers' Day Celebration.

  • To express gratitude towards parents.

Special Days / Weeks

  • Celebrations based on topics other than syllabus to increase students General knowledge to help them understand various subjects related to our daily routine, History, Geography and nature.

Work Experience

  • Practicals for Eye-hand coordination, finer muscle development, to increase concentration and group activity.

Seminar / Workshop

  • In order to create awareness about different ongoing topics and child related difficulties seminarsand workshops are arranged for the parents.


  • To showcase student’s hidden talent, to make them bold, creative, to overcome stage fright.
  • To help them learn importance of winning & losing, to put in hard work & efforts for the same.


  • Primary aim for this is to exhibit the student’s efforts & their thoughts, out of the box.
  • To display work done throughout the year in the holistic way.
  • For parents to understand the process of learning through integrated approach.

Felicitation ceremony / Gold medal function

“A pat on the back” students are awarded for their achievements.


  • Transition to higher section.
  • Children feel proud to wear convocation gowns, caps and hold their certificate on stage.
  • Increase in the sense of responsibility of formal education.