Mapping the history of one of Indian Education Society’s esteemed institution, we date back to 1978. A young English Medium School running Parallel to Marathi Medium Girl’s School No 1, Dadar, with a strength of not more than 758 students and 25 staff members, bloomed into a full fledged, recognized IES Modern English School on 6th June 1985. This would have been impossible without the support and guidance of keen enthusiasts and philanthropists in the field of education, the I.E.S.’s pillars - Late Shri. B. N. Vaidya, Late Shri. Pundalik Patkar, Late Shri. S. V. Nabar, Late Shri. Manikrao D. Lotlikar, Late Shri. Padmakar Dhamdhere, Late Shri. V. N. Sule and many more.

Just as strong sprouts germinate from seeds exposed to radiation, Modern English School, laid the firm foundation under the pioneers Late Shri. R. D. Chitnis (Founder of the school) and the Chairman Late Shri. S. D. Kale. The Principal Smt. Rashmi R. Pokale took her rightful place and held aloft the values and objectives of the school curriculum.

Today, MES, as the school is lovingly called, boasts a spanking five storey building which houses 24 classrooms, 2 well equipped science laboratories, a spacious library, 2 ICT laboratories and a Computer Room. At present, we have 1368 students and a staff of 38 qualified teacher’s members.

IES Modern English School is a secondary school with classes from Std. V to Std X, each standard having 4 divisions.

The school curriculum is designed to help each child to reach his/her full potential by providing quality education, encouraging a community spirit, civic sense and sense of responsibility. Our main objective is to achieve constructive, academic progress of the child. Thus, we strive to enhance value oriented education bringing about an overall development of the student.

We believe in the process of education from ‘womb to tomb’, our students at the end of their educational journey will emerge to be explorers and thinkers keeping abreast with the changing scenario and coping with all the milestones in their life.