Smt. Nehal Mandewal

Head Mistress

Dear Readers,
Education, in all aspects has been the most important phenomenon in all stages of society’s progress, prosperity and development. An educated person will always stand out in “thought”, “action” and “deed”.

There is often a comparison made between wisdom and knowledge. Wisdom is to know what is correct and knowledge is to reason it. Wisdom acts as a stepping stone during a person’s growth. We at IES Modern English School, Dadar strive towards providingthe best possible opportunities and an environment that is inspiring, simulating andchallenging.

My role as a mentor is to shape the young lives entrusted in my care. In I.E.S. Modern English School we strive towards achieving cognitive excellence and social soundness for each student who is part of the school’s rich heritage.

In the school we try our level best to provide a stress-free environment which is conducive to a macrocosm of learning experiences. In our organization discipline is flexible yet supportive, so that we can achieve our greatest motive, ‘All round Development ‘of students. In the real world when students become employers, employees and entrepreneurs the main skills they need to have is being assertive and problem solving. Bearing in mind these greater challenges in life, we insist that the students should participate in all kinds of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities along with academic involvement.

My vision is to see that each and every student of the school grows as morally strong, financially sound and ethical equipped global citizen.

With an integrated S.S.C. curriculum, professional and qualified teachers and a variety of activities and events, IES Modern English School encompasses the needs of a holistic individual in an interactive learning environment.The students are trained to shoulder responsibilities and hereby groom their leadership qualities.

In this journey what we need from the parents is their constant support, involvement and feedback.

So, in collaboration let us make the best of every moment.

With warm regards
Mrs. Nehal Mandewal