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Smart classes

A digital initiative smart class is used in our school which has helped in effective teaching. It has brought the abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life inside the classrooms.


Being the pride of the school, the school library is a home of wide collection of books varying from reference books, fiction, non-fiction, encyclopaedia, periodical, newspapers etc.

Science Laboratory

To improve the scientific temper of the students, the school has a well maintained laboratory which is regularly updated.

Computer laboratory

Air conditioned computer room with 40 computers enables the students to keep pacewith the technological advancement of the world. Every student has an access to the computer.


Spacious and well designed auditorium with all modern sound system is built to host any cultural events and get together.


Spacious lawn in the school with a variety of botanical and flowering plants enhances the beauty and atmosphere of the school. It offers an experience of being close to nature.


For the purpose of safety and security of all and for better surveillance, CCTV camera are installed at appropriate places to have a thorough check on every happenings. Security guards from reliable organization are deputed for 24x7 hrs in the school.


The school canteen serves nutritious and a variety of food to the students.