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Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture

Prathamesh Patil secures 1st Rank in University of Mumbai, B.Arch. Course, AY 2023-24

Critical thinking, non-linear learning, research ethos, skill development.

IES’s College of Architecture is an affiliate of the University of Mumbai, running the Bachelor of Architecture course.

IES’s College of Architecture works with core objectives to:

  • Prepare the students as strong professionals.
  • Make students ready to take on challenge at various levels, professional and personal.
  • Encourage students to think and work critically to evaluate and thrive even beyond the established norms.

We look at architecture as a responsible, ethical profession that has developed into an essential contributor to society and its way of life. Teachers upraise the students not by merely giving information but by encouraging a research process, academic thought and critical ethos.

Equal importance is given to liberal arts and humanities subjects as an essential means of understanding arts, history and theory, and architecture’s contribution and impact on society. Non-linear learning is encouraged with an ability to observe the trends, understand the culture, respond to concerns associated with climate change and question the relevance of technology. Simultaneously design thinking, skill development and a strong work ethic are equally critical. Ultimately all works need to be supplemented and strengthened with a strong research ethos.

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University of Mumbai syllabus for Bachelor of Architecture course.

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