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This is a collection of architectural and allied explorations and works carried out by the students, teachers, alumni, and associates of IES College of Architecture, Mumbai. It is put together to be dynamic and new updates will be posted frequently.

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  • ĀVĀSYAM – The place of living
    (Semester 4; 2020-21) THE DESIGN BRIEF: BACKGROUND SYAMANTAK In such ecologically sensitive & culturally rich setting of Dhamapur village, Syamantak: a center for experiential, lifelong learning and sustainable living is located. “Our …
  • हवामान बदलाचे शेतीवर होणारे परिणाम
    हवामान बदलाचे परिणाम प्रामुख्याने शेतीवर तीन प्रकारे होतात. १) हवेचे प्रदूषण २) मातीचे प्रदूषण ३) पाण्याचे प्रदूषण प्रदूषणाचे मुख्य कारण हे वाढत औद्योगिकरण, शेतीतील कृत्रिम खतांचा उपयोग, जहाल विषांचा उपयोग …
  • The Story of Preservation and Evolution:
    Building on the philosophies and ideas of the past. Anuya Barde & Tushita Mehta To follow the rising modernism occurring around the world, or to create its own identity? – …
  • दीदी
    प्रतीक धानमेर दीदीला मी फक्त तीनदा भेटलो. पहिली भेट नम्रतामुळे शक्य झाली. तिचे हे ऋण फेडता येणे शक्य नाही. पहिल्याच भेटीत दिदीला दिलेला बांबू पाउच दीदी 20 मिनिटे न्याहाळत बसली. …
  • Thinking Back in Time
    by Anuya Barde & Tushita Mehta Gender is not merely an assortment of biological characteristics that affect and differentiate between masculinity and femininity but also refers to the behaviours, expectations, …
  • By the people, for the people: Activism through Architecture
    by Johan Patel & Sayam Mulani They say that if walls could talk each building would have a story to tell, the same holds true for humans, each one trying …

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