Chaitra Sharad

Prof Chaitra Sharad

Chaitra Sharad
Assistant Professor


Chaitra Sharad holds a Master’s in Architecture (Theory & Design).  Her continuing research is on the role of the ‘human element’ in architecture and regional influences on post-war modernism. Her interests lie in the history and cultural narratives.

Through individual and collaborative research pursuits, she has carried forward learnings on modernism and the societal impact on architecture. Her explorations are presented in various published writings and conferences. The thought processes and ideas are carried forward in her pedagogical pursuits as well. The lessons in the design studios go beyond material or formal understanding into the spatial, anthropological and cultural effects of architectural outputs. She has co-curated two exhibitions, ‘Decoding Precedents’ in 2017 and 2019, studying the post-independence institutional buildings in Ahmedabad and Jaipur, respectively. The study of the buildings in terms of tangible and intangible values was carried out and represented through models and drawings in the exhibition.

At IESCOA, she coordinates the outreach initiative. She coordinates and organises various events within the institute. She also manages the social media platforms and the website.


Masters of Architecture (Theory & Design), CEPT University (2013)

Bachelor of Architecture, BVB College of Engineering and Technology (VTU) (2010)

Notable Achievement, Publications and Projects

Awards & Grants
1. Regional Group Live Hub Chair for IIC Congress (2022)
2. IIC Opportunities Fund (2021)
3. Getty Foundation Grant (2020) IIC Congress. Edinburgh

1. Material inventions leading to innovation in the quality of space Co-author; DOCOMOMO Conference 2022 (Valencia, Spain)
2. Re-emergence of the Vernacular: Material Aspirations and the Vanishing Continuum of the Immaterial; The Plan Journal (TPJ)Volume 6/2021 – Issue 2
3. Parallel Narratives Of Modernism: India & The World;
Poster presented at the DOCOMOMO Conference Tokyo Japan (2020+1)
4. Narrative Mapping Techniques and Usage with Prof KC Yang and Prof Pierre Smars
Joint research with National Yunlin University of Technology and Science, Taiwan (2019)
5. Articulating Societal Values in Architecture(Book chapter)
Book: Learning Architecture (Ed. Kulbhushan Jain), AADI Centre (2019)
6. In-between People and Place: The Changing Cultural Landscapes of Historic City Centres (Book chapter)
Book: Between History and Memory, the Blue Jodhpur. (Ed. Minakshi Jain, Marcello Balzani, Luca Rossato), Maggioli Publishers (2019)
7. Narrative Mapping: Methods for Documenting and Analysing Tangible and Intangible Aspects of Cultural Landscapes
Paper presented at ‘Architectural Heritage and town development: an Asian Challenge at Yuntech, Taiwan (2018)
8. City and River
Author, Contribution to T3xture, annual international publication, Vol. 3, (2017)
9. Building in Historical Context
Paper presented at ‘Contemporary Design In Historic City Centres-Ferrara : A City Full Of Voids’, Ferrara, Italy (2016)
10. 1960s: The radical theories and design in Architecture-An inquiry into the socio-cultural revolution and the changes in the face of architecture – the case of ‘TEAM 10’
Book: ‘Architectural Expressions- People • Time • Ideologies’ monograph, CEPT University Press (2013)

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