IES KG and Balodyan

Activities and Special Days

Special days are a part of our curriculum.

Environment week, monsoon magic month, amazing animals month, fascinating facts week, health and nutrition week, safety week, science week, children's day, shape day, colour day are some of the special days observed. Children participate in activities such as planting, making salads, community lunch, making greeting cards, making Santa caps, making and decorating diyas, clay molding, drawing, coloring and origami.

Health and Dental check up by eminent doctors, awareness programmes by professionals for parents and teachers, workshops for children, seminars for teachers are organized on a regular basis in order to keep them abreast of the knowledge and happenings in the field of education. Understanding and empowering our tiny tots is the primary objective achieved through these activities.

Field trips and excursions are a regular feature so as to develop an environmental awareness among children and enlighten their little minds by exposing them to nature. Picnics to children's favorite destinations are organized to enable them to experience the moments of fun and frolic. Participation in sports and games is encouraged for the children's physical, kinesthetic development and to inculcate in them the team spirit and discipline. Theme based outdoor events are the highlights of the annual sports day that enthuse our children.

Annual academic exhibitions are held at the end of the academic year. Teachers display projects related to various subjects such as Language, Math, Science, Art, Craft etc. Children explain the projects to the visitors and participate in dramatization, puppet show, skits and other creative activities with great enthusiasm, interest and understanding.

We encourage children to participate in various intra-school and inter-school competitions in order to provide them a platform to manifest their
latent talents.

Children have brought many a laurels to school by participating in such competitions as Elocution, Story -telling, One- act play, singing, drawing, clay-molding, folk-dance, and Pre-school B competitions for elementary English skills organized by various organizations.

We believe that it is the desire to achieve that kindles the flame to excel.