Indian Education Society

Chandrakant Patkar Vidyalaya


School Committee

  1. Shri. Satish R. Nayak (Chairman)
  2. Shri. Ramesh S. Rao (Member)
  3. Shri. Sunil Tirodkar (Member)
  4. Shri. Amit Patkar (Member)
  5. Smt. Jayanti B. Patkar (Invitee)
  6. Smt. Namrata Tawade (Convener)
  7. Shri. Brijesh Upadhyaya (Teacher's Representative-English Medium)
  8. Smt. Varsha Prabhu (Non - Teaching Staff Representative)

Parents-Teachers Association (PTA)

The PTA was set up with the intention of involving parents in the smooth functioning of school. The parents elected as member participate in the deliberations held by the school administration before implementing some rules or norms for the betterment of students or institution as a whole.
The teaching staff and the parents co-ordinate in a whole hearted way in carrying out certain changes and improvements for the institution’s development.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF PTA English Medium 2019 - 2020

  1. Smt. Namrata Tawade (Chairperson)
  2. Shri. Sanjay Shyamrao Mahadik (Vice-Chairperson)
  3. Smt. Shubhangi Milind Tupe (Secretary)
  4. Smt. Sneha Ramesh Mhatre V - C (Joint Secretaries)
  5. Smt. Pramila Vinod Adsule VII - A (Joint Secretaries)
  6. Shri. Sandip Sahebrao Deshmukh V – A (Member)
  7. Smt. Aarti Anilkumar Vibhute V – A (Member)
  8. Smt. Asmita Rakesh Daftary VI - A (Member)
  9. Smt. Mrunalini Liladhar Mahajan VI - B (Member)
  10. Smt. Padmaja Sushil Joshi VII - B (Member)
  11. Smt. Sneha Subhash Nar VII - E (Member)
  12. Smt. Charushila Pravin Kumkar VIII - D (Member)
  13. Smt. Sudha Sureshkumar Singh VIII - D (Member)
  14. Smt. Mrudula Shivshankar IX - D (Member)
  15. Smt. Anuradha Vijaykumar Joshi IX - B (Member)
  16. Smt. Manisha Sachin Kulkarni X - D (Member)
  17. Smt. Rashmi Jagadish Madhavi X - E (Member)
  18. “The term of PTA EC is for the Academic Year 2019 – 2020 which ends on 30.04.2020”