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Welcome to our school, IES Primary School Marol.

A small school with handful of children was started in Marol, Andheri in one floor with four classrooms of the building owned by Mr. Praful Muranjan in the year 1985. Mr. Ramesh Choudhari was sent from Dadar as a Head of IES English Medium Primary School, Marol. Miss Kunda Salvi and Miss Smriti Parab joined him as teachers.

Later on when the School progressed and the number of students started increasing and there was shortage of space, hence in 1988   Mr. Muranjan donated place in Bamandaya Powai.  In 1989, Std I to V shifted to Bamandaya ( present School ) leaving K.G behind in the original place at Marol.

List of Heads and their tenure in Marol Primary School.

Transferred / Retired
Mr. Ramesh Choudhari
1985 to 1989
Mrs. Sunanda Sawant
1989 to 1998
Mrs. Dora Miranda
1998 to 2004
Mr. Dattatary Patil
2004 to 2005
Mr. Ramesh Choudhari
2005 to 2007
Mrs. Suzan Mazgaonkar
2007 to 2012
Mrs. Girija Menon
2012 to ....

At present Mrs. Girija Hari Menon is the Head for K.G & Primary English Medium, trying her level best to maintain the Pride and Reputation of IES English Medium Primary School, Marol.

The institution has showered the sunshine of knowledge on about 4750 blooming and promising buds, and still going on.

As we think of Marol when IES was started and the School today, The Team work has played an important factor which has enabled one to reach the heights of excellence and perform the extraordinary. When a collection of brilliant minds, hearts and talents come together–expect a masterpiece In short it can be said that it is a classic case of undaunted efforts taken by the teaching and non- teaching staff who through their will power have overcome all the shortcomings and problems in their way to create a school of highest order.

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