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Smt. Girija Menon

School is a building ,which has four walls with tomorrow inside.

Shaping young, impressionable minds is one of the biggest challenges. The objective of IES English Medium Primary School, Marol is to provide the students with excellent education ,that will transform their personality from mere students into well-educated and cultured , young men and women . Students will be engaged through authentic learning opportunities that inspire them to develop creativity and confidence to become independent.

The aim of IES English Medium Primary School, Marol is to inculcate in students, basic values like truthfulness, equality, courage, integrity,respect for elders and their teachers. Encourage the students to explore their personal best in all aspects of life.

As today’s students are the future of India, we aim to empower our students to grow as individuals with strong open discerning minds and a spirit of healthy Competition in them.

Discipline is given utmost importance. By having students from diverse backgrounds, IES is uniquely positioned to integrate cultural diversity in the school, so that the students share the uniqueness of our culture.

IES aims to ensure that the students are able to “face the difficulties of today and tomorrow”, tackle the same and come out as winners.

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