Chairman's Message

Education is the best defence of a nation. Good education opens new avenues and channels of thought, and creates human beings who are conscious of their responsibilities as individuals and citizens. It is in a school, during the formative and most impressionable years of a child’s life that the foundation of this education is laid. The school is the most important unit of socialization after the family. Shri Manikrao Lotlikar, the visionary, who was responsible for the founding of an institution like Manik Vidyamandir, was well aware of the role the school plays in nation building. Late Shri Manikrao Lotlikar has always been a beacon of light for us in our quest to give the best possible education to our students. Today the world is changing at a fast pace and so are the challenges that the world faces. If we are to send out into this world, individuals who can successfully cope up with these challenges, we also have to adapt our education system accordingly. So keeping our school firmly rooted in the principles of our founding father, Shri Manikrao Lotlikar, we have let it grow to catch the light of innovation and change. We believe that we not only have a moral obligation to our parent body to give our best, but are also awake to our responsibility towards society and the country. We feel deeply obliged to produce MVites who have skills like problem solving, who have the ability to make informed, rational and unbiased decisions, who are sensitive to others feelings and are truly democratic in their mindset, in other words, individuals who have the strong foundation of an Indian identity but are also on their way to becoming truly global citizens