Our Motto : Value Addition Through Education

School Committee

  • Shri. Satish LotlikarChairman
  • Smt. Rajani WaghMember
  • Shri. Sameer TamhaneMember
  • Shri Sagar SuleMember
  • Smt. Suchitra PatkiMember
  • Dr. Sharad ShahInvitee

Methodologies of teaching include :

  • Play way methods
  • Hands-on experiences
  • Science and Sensorial experiences to enhance Observation, Curiosity, Reasoning and Logical Thinking in children
  • Art and Craft Activities to encourage and nurture creativity and imagination in children and develop motor skills
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Value Education
  • Cognitive Development
  • Socio-emotional Development
  • Power point presentations of lessons
  • Project Method: Guiding children in class to execute a theme as part of a project assignment
  • Techniques to enhance language skills
  • Educomp Smart Class: 2D, 3D Multimedia modules making learning digitally and conceptually easy and student friendly
  • Cultural Activities and celebration of festivals
  • Periodic Health and Dental Check-ups.