Chairman Desk

Welcome to IES NEW English SCHOOL

Chairman Desk



It gives me immense pleasure to write this message for the souvenir which will be published by IES New English School, on the occasion of completing 50 years. Golden Jubilee in life of an institution itself speaks of its standing firm and strong. Academic excellence along with extracurricular activities have been the hallmark of IES NES. The school provides a platform for the children to show case their talents and discover a new facet of their personality by acquiring the necessary skills needed in life. Such an all round system of education has helped NES produce an ever increasing list of alumni who have made a name for themselves in diverse fields. In these 50 years the school has worked with dedication to prepare the students of quality.

I believe that education is instrumental to confront all the prejudices, conflicts and unprecedented environmental challenges of the world today and IES NES has been doing just that. I wish the school the very best in its future endeavours which will bring glory and fame to Indian Education Society.

Vision Mission


Kindergarten - Nurturing buds today for tomorrow's colourful bouquet.
Primary - An environment that nourishes the health,safety and well being of one and all.
Secondary - To become an exemplary Institution which will build on its existing base & strive to meet the changing educational needs of the society at all levels in continuous search of excellence with a dedicated team of teachers, staff and management.


Kindergarten - We try to create eagerness in children by providing them opportunities to explore, to enquire, to gather experience which ultimately leads to education.
Primary - To provide quality education and enhance each and every child's potential.
Secondary - To develop and nurture all-round abilities in students who can leave their mark in different fields of the socio-economic system globally.