Urban & Cultural Studies
Urban & Cultural Studies

Urban & Cultural Studies

Urban atmosphere was not always bound by rules and standards. Since the beginning of the civilization, there were a cluster of concepts that, once understood, can lead to a fresh way of perceiving streets, buildings, and spaces and insights into why certain places are appealing and others are not. Urban entity operates on various scales — from orienting people through the layout and hierarchy of streets and buildings, to valuing an attractive paving detail in front of a store’s door. The ideas can be applied to buildings, the street, land uses, urban park development, and anything else that is woven into the fabric of a town.
This subject aims at studying the various implications of urbanization at various levels, identify issues related to urbanization and study settlements to understand their nature. The study also analyses various factors pertaining to urban development, housing, architecture, commerce, environment and politics in order to comprehend the big picture.

In this semester the students were asked to understand what is urban and how it gets realized into the three dimensional physicality. This was carried out by studying the actual examples with historical background. To enrich the product of this exercise, each group of three students each were asked to study their respective cases in a particular era. This was further diversified by the comparative selection of the examples from different contexts i.e. one International case-study and its Indian counterpart.

Instructor: Sanket Mhatre

Students: Balsaraf Chinar, Gurnani Dikshaa, Lokhande Maithili, Bhoir Ashish, Raghuvanshy Asmita, Rahate Pallavi, Bhagat Rohan, Mali Aishwarya, Parab Nisha, Karkare Shashank, Sawant Dakshata, Presswala Hamza, Sheikh Maaz, Vishwarkarma Anugya, Singh Akanksha

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