Tracing Origins
Tracing Origins

Tracing Origins

Human civilization began its history with a natural resource: The Land; for its survival, sustenance and growth. We depend on this resource even today. Landscapes are a byproduct of this dependency.

Land is a resource for many of the products that we use in our day-today lives. In the Metropolis that we live in, from what we eat to drink to what we wear has its source from land, miles away from where it is consumed. The (unfinished) product has a history associated with the land, so also with the people of that region. The regional landscape is the final consequence of both!

It is important that we know the source or the origin of our finished products that we EAT, DRINK & WEAR. What impact does the growing of that product have on land and landscapes? And What patterns do such practices create on the land?


The study looks at a imagery and graphics based understanding of patterns and processes of LAND on which a commodity is dependent.

In order to understand this dependency and association, each commodity is studied from the following aspects :

1.History & Culture
4.Cultivation Patterns
5.Image of the Landscape
6.The Land Patterns
7.The Journey of the Commodity
8.The Journey of the Land

This is an elective exercise conducted for Semester 6, B Arch students.
Tutor: Prachi Nadkarni


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