The students of 3rd Year (6th Semester) were taught Vertical Transportation Systems as part of their Architectural Building Services curriculum.  For this particular topic, the class was divided into nine groups. Each group were given a sub-topic, mentioned below;

  1. History and Evolution of Lifts
  2. Passenger Lift
  3. Stretcher Lift
  4. Car Lifts
  5. Service Lifts
  6. Construction Lifts
  7. Capsule Lift
  8. Dumbwaiters
  9. Escalator

Each student in a group was asked to prepare a report on the type of lift that they were assigned and the entire group was tasked to make a physical scaled study model of the lifts/elevators.

The aim of this assignment was to make students aware of the different types of elevators based on their mechanism and function and also to understand the technicalities related to the selection of right system for the required projects.

Tutors:   Prof Himani Tawade,   Prof Parikshit Wagdhare,  Prof Rucha Godbole,  Prof Kiran Rao,  Prof Chetan Desai,  Prof Anjali Mody.

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