by Vedang Pandeshwar

Architectural Design Studio Projects by Students of Semester 2, 2019-20

The Design Studio aimed to achieve an understanding of architecture as an environment for very young children in the context of an Anganwadi. The site taken was in Getipada in the district of Dahanu. The decisions for designing an environment which ensured an emotion of security and fun, were taken by the students based on their learnings from semester 1. These consisted of anthropometry for various functions of the human body, and through the talks by various architects who share their experiences of the design process.The students applied these by understanding the anthropometry of a child, combined with the functions prescribed for an Anganwadi. These presented the tangible context addressed, while the intangibles of space-making were derived from their Basic Design exercises and from the material-based exercises which preceded the Anganwadi project. Both these were combined to address the functionality of Anganwadi with optimum space requirements. The site in Dahanu gave the students the liberty to design without the constraints of an urban set-up, that gave rise to designs which awaken in children different emotional and sensory experiences through materiality and experiential quality.

Studio Guides
Shilpa Sharma
Pratik Dhanmer
Sejal Ghag
Anuradha Wakade
Archana Thakur
Vivek Korlekar

Project 10


Project by: Vedang Pandeshwar

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